Positioning & Mapping

Being a valuable component enabling technological leaps in applications such as UAV, Robotics ,GIS, mapping, vehicle tracking, airborne navigation, asset management, attitude systems and accurate timing systems, Positioning & Mapping technologies are continuously evolving and expanding to new applications in diversified industries such as Military & Defense, Geospatial, Transportation, Energy &Utilities, Construction and Agriculture.

Our products include a variety of GPS/Glonass modules & Chipsets, GNSS Positioning & Heading Systems, GPS/GNSS Receivers,  LIDAR systems, Inertial & MEMS sensors, Inertial systems, GPS/GIS/GNSS Antennas, GPS re-radiating systems and accessories, Professional laser rangefinders, GPS products for Mapping & GIS, Real time differential correction services,  Digital attitude sensors, Timing Chips & Modules, Timing Systems and other Time & Frequency Products. Working with leading positioning and mapping technologies for over thirty years – we will be happy to share our professional expertise and tailor a solution that suits you most.

Our leading partners for Positioning & Mapping technologies include Trimble Navigation, Velodyne Lidar, Memsic, GPS Networking, Aevex-Geodetics, RouteScene, AeroAntenna, OmniStar, Applanix, TrueNorth, Free Flight, Laser Technology, IP Solutions, PNI, LOCOSYS, Hitech Sensors, SatLab, Protempis and SyncBotic.



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