LiDAR based Monitoring Solutions

Velodnye, a world leader in Lidar Technology teamed with Seoul robotics – top developer of 3D Computer Vision to bring new Generation of Safety and Security Solutions.

A breakthrough advance in security applications, Velodyne’s lidar sensors generate real-time 3D maps for users to easily define and monitor customized digital boundaries. Velodyne sensors provide centimeter-level distance measurement data in all light conditions to facilitate highly reliable object detection and tracking.

Lidar-based security solutions increase effective threat response while reducing false readings that frequently hamper other technologies. In security applications, lidar data can also support privacy protection while improving system implementation and performance efficiency.

Main applications include Parameter Security, People Counting and Visitor Heatmap.

Velodyne LiDAR based Security Solutions


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Velodyne Lidar Security Solutions

Lidar-based systems offer the ability to monitor the environment in 3D in order to achieve highly accurate object detection and tracking in all light conditions.


  • 3D map of designated area
  • More intuitive visualization
  • Pedestrian Analysis
  • Track subject in crowded spaces
  • People counting, Pedestrian counting
  •  Perimeter / Boundary breach type & location of event
  •  Security guard/officer placement optimization
  •  Traffic rerouting due to construction, security, congestion
  •  Anonymous Surveillance – detection and Classification without Facial Recognition