A wide range of crystal resonators from high stability Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) to the high reliability class.

Rakon is a global high technology company that designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of world leading frequency control and timing solutions that influence the way people work and play in today’s world. Its products are designed into the present and future generations of consumer smart wireless devices and GPS products, telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace and defense applications and even spacecraft.

Rakon is a leader in high temperature sensitivity testing, ASIC Pluto™ design, low acceleration sensitivity (aka “g”), hybrid product combinations, Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and specialised products for extreme performance.



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Standard SMD Crystal Selection

Main Applications: Smart Wireless Devices, Communications, PCMCIA, Automotive, Positioning/PND, GPS and Wi-Fi applications

Temperature Sensing Crystal Selection

Temperature Sensing Crystal Selection

Main Applications: Smart Wireless Devices, Communications, Automotive, GPS and Wi-Fi applications.


Tuning Fork Crystal Selection

Main Applications: Microprocessors, Mobile Communications, DVC/DSC, SSD/HDD and GPS applications.

Metal Holder Crystal Selection

Metal Holder Crystal Selection

Main Applications: Consumer, Industrial, Telecommunications.