GPS Survey Antennas - L1/L2

AeroAntenna has developed antenna technology which reduces multi-path interference. These antennas are designed for use in man-pack, portable, and harsh surveying environments.

For the highest multi-path rejection requirement with millimeter accuracy, we offer an L1/L2 Choke Ring Antennas. All antennas are configured for marine or ground survey. They utilize light or very light assembly. A special radome is UV protected.


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Choke Ring, White


The AT2775-382 is a high performance multi-frequency, multi-constellation L-Band and GPS antenna. It is NGS calibrated and can be used for RTK networks, scientific, and machine control applications.

It’s ruggedized all weather housing protects it from the elements under the most extreme conditions. It has exceptional capability to pick up satellites low on the horizon which is beneficial in rough sea conditions. This antenna is used for the harshest environments like marine/offshore positioning or survey.

Typical applications include:

Geodetic Antenna for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) applications

Precision Rover Antenna for Land Survey applications


The AT2775-54 is a high performance GPS antenna. It’s ruggedized all weather housing protects it from the elements under the most extreme conditions. It has exceptional capability to pick up satellites low on the horizon which is beneficial in rough sea conditions.


L1/L2 Choke Ring GPS Antenna.

1227 ± 10 MHz(L1), 1575 ± 10 MHz(L2)


L1/L2 GPS Antenna, Optional Choke Ring

1227 ±10 MHz, 1575 ±5 MHz


The AT2775-42 is a high performance L1/L2 band GPS antenna that mounts on a 1-14 UNS-2B threaded pipe. Its all weather housing protects it from the elements under extreme conditions.

Footprint:7″ Round, Pole Mount.


L1 GPS Antenna


L1 GPS Antenna

Frequency 1575 ± 5 MHz

Polarization Right Hand Circular

Axial Ratio 3.0db Max at bore sight

Impedance 50 Ω

VSWR ≤ 2.0:1

Power handling 1 Watt

Finish Material: Weatherable polymer, UV and fluid resistant Radom.

Color White or Olive Drab, Specify on order

Weight 1.1 lbs

Altitude 12,000′

Connectors TNC Female, BNC Female or NTP Female, Specify on order

Operating Temp -40° C to +70° C

Design to DO-160

Foot Print 7″


L1 GPS Antenna, Custom Label