Small parcel

Compact and mobile systems for mailroom and small parcel inspection to detect contraband, narcotics, and other threat materials.

Astrophysics offers various products for this application with tunnel sizes ranging from 53.3cm x 35.4cm to 65.1cm x 45.4cm.

Astrophysics Inc. is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of x-ray inspection equipment for baggage screening in security applications. Located, designed and manufactured in USA Astrophysics delivers turnkey x-ray inspection systems to customers worldwide for use at airports, government buildings, customs, banks, courthouses, hospitals, prisons and many other locations.


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A compact X-Ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions 60cm x 40cm.


The XIS-6545 is the ultimate X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel opening of 65.1cm x 45.4cm. Designed for small to medium sized objects.


A small X-Ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions 53.3cm x 35.4cm.


The XIS-6040M (Mobile) is an X-Ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions of 60cm x 40cm. The XIS-6040M is specifically designed for easy relocation.