Transponders Systems

Mode S + ADS-B OUT Transponders meet airspace requirements worldwide.

Compatible with surface and space-based ADS-B surveillance systems, a Mode S Extended Squitter ADS-B transponder and aviation GPS integrated into an LED rear position light.

uAvionix is the world’s leader in communications, navigation, and surveillance solutions for unmanned aircraft systems. uAvionix develops the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B transponder, Ping.

Current product offering includes: tailBeacon X, RANGR 1090 ADS-B TRANSPONDER, Sky Beacon,  Tail Beacon,  Echo UAT, Sky Echo, Sentry, Ping Station, Ping USB, RANGR ADS-B SYSTEM and the DUAL BAND ADS-B IN RANGR 978.


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A high-performance, modular system that can be expanded with our RANGR Receiver to show subscription-free ADS-B In weather and traffic on a compatible display or tablet device.


tailBeaconX is the world’s first transponder designed as a rear position light replacement. The 1090MHz Mode S ADS-B OUT transponder satisfies the requirements for all existing and inevitable ADS-B regulations worldwide, especially those leveraging space-based ADS-B. Fly knowing no matter your destination, tailBeaconX will keep your aircraft connected.


The world’s only wingtip mounted ADS-B OUT solution to meet the 2020 mandate. skyBeacon has the lowest installation cost and largest approved model list of any UAT ADS-B OUT solution.


In-flight Safety Simplified. Add ADS-B OUT to your certified or experimental aircraft by upgrading your rear position light to tailBeacon and meet the FAA’s 2020 mandate


echoUAT is a remotely mounted ADS-B transceiver that provides 2020 compliance ADS-B OUT, and ADS-B IN traffic and weather to your EFIS or iPad for the same cost as ADS-B receive-only solutions.


SkyEcho is a portable ADS-B IN/OUT transceiver consistent with the UK CAA and Australian CASA Electronic Conspicuity standards. SkyEcho enables you to SEE and BE SEEN by transmitting your aircraft position, altitude, course, and speed to surrounding aircraft, and receiving ADS-B and FLARM data for display in your Electronic Flight Bag.


Sentry and Sentry Mini are compact, powerful devices that deliver real-time weather, traffic, and more to ForeFlight Mobile on your iPad and iPhone.


Gain trusted situational awareness of surface and airspace ADS-B traffic with pingStation.


pingUSB is the worlds smallest, lightest, and most affordable dual-band ADS-B traffic receiver. View realtime ADS-B traffic on your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) app on your mobile device wirelessly, or on your PC with USB.


RANGR solutions are designed to interface with a broad range of aircraft avionics and tablet applications, providing pilots with flexible upgrade and display options.


The TSO-certified Datalink Receiver from FreeFlight Systems provides pilots of all aircraft types in all jurisdictions with critical ADS-B In information while inflight, drastically improving situational awareness. Available in both single (CONUS) and dual-band (ROW) solutions.


Fully-featured, TSO-certified ADS-B solutions that automatically synchronize with legacy transponders without the need for additional pilot interaction.