Homeland Security

Our Homeland Security Division offers a broad range of cutting edge products and technologies required for threat detection including explosive detection systems, metal detectors, substance identification systems, trace detection systems, X-Ray screening systems, LiDAR based monitoring solutions and Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform.

Our broad product offering include best of breed threat detection systems of Astrophysics, Rapiscan Systems,Velodyne LiDAR, Seoul Robotics,V-Count, RaySecur and Echodyne is well supported by our notable professional expertise in this field.

Added value services include professional consulting services as well as technical support. We provide security concepts and installation planning for airports or other facilities,  international standards compliance verification, professional assistance in matching the most useful inspection technology to fit specific needs and capabilities and more.

Offering 24/7 technical field services and full installation capabilities including hardware and software upgrades.


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