Drop-In Circulators / Isolators

M2Global Drop-In Circulators &  Isolators have frequency range of 12MHz to 20GHz, power of up to 2000W, low insertion loss, high isolation, and high power handling. Custom design available upon request.

M2 Global specializes in applying advanced microwave technologies to provide high-performance radio frequency (RF) microwave components and subsystems in standard and custom configurations for coaxial, wave-guide, and drop-in Isolators & circulators.


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Drop-In Isolators / Circulators

All Drop-In Circulators & Isolators are for devices with clockwise rotation. Counter-clockwise rotation is available by request.  Please consult us for special performance and unique mechanical configurations. Many other designs are available on top of the catalog, and new designs are being developed on a frequent basis.

Encapsulation is available on some designs for high peak power & high altitude capability.

Low Power, High Power (HP) – 30 up to 150W. HP with Attenuator – 20 up t0 200W with terminators. Dual Junction – 0.4 to 15.4 Ghz , with up to 200W with termination.