Noise Monitoring

CESVA was founded in 1969 in Barcelona (Spain) and has specialized in acoustics since its inception. They manufacture acoustic equipment and instruments and are renowned for sound level meters and condenser microphones. CESVA’s highly qualified production staff have many years of experience in the assembly of electronic systems, both digital and analogue. They sit on several committees, both Spanish and International, for the creation and revision of regulations and standards.

CESVA’s mission is to help customers measure & control both noise & vibration. It is achieved by designing and manufacturing systems that are extremely easy to use, but which do not compromise on power & functionality.

Respect for the environment is a key factor in achieving these goals, particularly as this pertains to a field closely related to our business: noise pollution.

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TA120 – Noise Monitoring Station

The TA120 can be used for noise sensing in Smart Cities, permanent monitoring of road and port infrastructures, industrial activities, work control, monitoring of noise in concerts, festivals, noise maps generation, reinforcement of quite areas or quite hours, etc.

The TA120 sensor combines the precision of a Class 1 sound level meter, maximum protection of an outdoor kit and full connectivity with CESVA ‘NoisePlatform’ and open source platforms.

It is very easy to install on street lights, marquees, billboards, shelters, kiosks and advertising posts and requires minimum annual maintenance.

The TA120 is powered through mains, POE, 12 VDC voltage or through the urban lightning network with battery backup. The BA120 optional battery guarantees the sufficient duration and charging time to complete annual cycles.

Main Features:

  • Continuous measurement (24 / 7) with class 1 accuracy according to IEC 61672-1
  • Measurement range 35-120 dBm; resolution 0.1 dB
  • Protection against external agents with an outdoor kit: wind, rain, snow, birds and insects
  • IP65 protection against dust and water
  • Compatible with ‘NoisePlatform’ and various open source platform for sensors connectivity
  • Light weighted, small sized and easy to integrate into the urban furniture 
  • Powered by mains, POE (Power over Ethernet), 12 VDC (Solar panels, external batteries)
  • Communication by Ethernet (RJ45), loop 4-20mA*, Wi-Fi*, 3G modem*  (*Optional) 
  • Remote configuration and Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA)
  • Dimensions: 395mm x 120mm x 91mm
  • Weight: 960g (1150g w/ battery)
  • Applications:
    • Smart Cities sensing
    • Noise surveillance networks (permanent monitoring):
      • Road and port infrastructures
      • Industrial activities
      • Separate waste collection routes
      • Control of Works
    • Noise monitoring:
      • Concerts, festivals, major events and exhibitions
      • Sports events and racetracks
      • Quiet areas (acoustically protected)
      • Quite hours
    • Generating noise maps and displaying in real time noise levels
  • Add-ons:
    • WF120 – WiFi module
    • MR120 – 3G/GPRS module
    • CL120 – Analogue output for 4-20mA current loop
    • BA120 – Internal lithium battery for 24h cycles
    • PS120 – Solar panel kit (BA120 battery required)
    • TS120 – Mounting kit

NoisePlatform – On-line noise monitoring platform

NoisePlatform is an on-line platform that displays and dynamically analyses, in real time, the noise measured by a mixed network of sensors and terminals that can monitor the entire area affected by noise-generating activities. 

Main Features:

  • A step forward in noise monitoring to fight sound pollution by covering a broader area and time period with multiple sensors (TA120)
  • Real-time information display and dynamically analyses noise levels  for immediate decision making and action taking
  • Generates noise maps and compares noise level between different periods of time and sensors
  • Provides day/evening/night min values
  • Controls and enforces fulfilment of operation time (e.g. construction, loud music, etc’)
  • In industrial environments, can detect machine failures before occurrence
  • Generates alarm and alerts (e.g. emails) before noise threshold exceeds
  • Economically sustainable. NoisePlatform offers low sensor, maintenance and platform usage costs
  • High-precision data measurement, utterly reliable transmission of information and totally secure data storage
  • NoisePlatform delivers access, display, analysis, downloads and reports 100%-on-line without the need for any software installation (i.e. cloud based), thus guaranteeing permanent availability
  • Applications:  Cities (Smart Cities), Environmental, Building/Construction/Demolition, Industrial Noise, Leisure activities (e.g. concerts, parties), etc.