LoRaWAN Trackers

Gemtek (and its subsidiary BROWAN that was founded in 1999) is a worldwide leader of broadband / wireless solutions, offering a broad range of solutions from residential to business with years of experience in wireless design and mass production (operating since 1988).

Gemtek/BROWAN is one of the pioneers in Low Power WAN IoT development and field implementation. They were an instrumental force in bringing up LPWAN solutions and were an early provider of the LoRaWAN protocol.

Gemtek/BROWAN provides an end-to-end carrier grade LoRaWAN networks intended for private and public (City / Country wide Telco) deployments. The solution is composed of a range of LoRaWAN Gateways, Network Server (for network management, device provisioning and data routing).

Gemtek/BROWAN also provides a wide range of solutions and sensors, such as: Various Asset Tracking devices, Manhole Cover Open Detector, etc’. In addition, Gemtek/BROWAN provides LoRaWAN modules (SMT / SiP) for sensors manufacturers.

Gemtek/BROWAN’s asset tracking solutions are intended for a wide range of use cases and requirements. Among which is Assert Tracking solutions for personal usage (people, children, seniors, pets, bags, equipment, etc’), vehicles and cattle.

Gemtek is a member of the LoRa Alliance (http://lora-alliance.org).




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This multi-purpose Industrial Tracker is designed for outdoor asset tracking and industrial applications. The design uses replaceable batteries and is designed for multi-years of operation. The sensor includes a three-axis accelerometer which is used to optimize different asset tracking applications for response time and battery lifetime. The sensor also includes many unique GPS/GNSS acquisition and geo-fencing features for optimal battery lifetime and response time.

The device is designed for tracking of various assets, e.g.  people, vehicles, bicycles, pets, kids, seniors, bags, wide range of equipment, etc’. It is durable and built to last. It communicates with the IoT AP/Gateway using a LoRaWAN protocol standard for long range wide area (LPWAN) deployments. The tracker is equipped with GPS/GNSS and 3-axis accelerometer.

Main Features:

  • Sensors – GPS/GNSS module, 3D mems accelerometer
    • Location, motion
  • Battery status and Low battery alert
  • Water proof (IP66 equivalent)
  • LoRaWAN – long range, low  power, high sensitivity data link
  • Power Supply – Internal batteries
  • Operating Temperature – -20ºC ~ 70ºC
  • Dimensions/Weight – 85/107mm x 52mm x 27mm / 45g


WSMS-122X321IS – Vehicle Tracker

The Vehicle Tracker is designed for tracking vehicles and for theft prevention. It communicates with the IoT AP/Gateway using a LoRaWAN protocol standard for long range wide area (LPWAN) deployments.

The tracker is equipped with GPS, 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor.

The Vehicle Tracker sends real time location and alerts to the data center. A perimeter (geo-fencing) can be set for triggering an alert each time the tracker is outside of the designated area.  

Various alerts can be generated for different scenarios, such as: low battery, battery disconnection, state of the vehicle (stationary / in motion), etc’

Main Features:

  • Sensors – GPS, 3 axis accelerometer, temperature sensor
    • Location, motion, temperature indications
  • Geo-fencing notifications (by data center)
  • Displacement detection alert
  • Battery disconnection alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Long range data link with GPS tracking
  • Water proof (IP65)
  • Power Supply – 12-36V (depending on vehicle battery)
  • Operating Temperature – -10ºC ~ 50ºC
  • Dimensions / Weight  – 75mm x 40mm x 15mm / 43g