LiDAR Mobile Mapping Systems

Mapping & Rugged Positioning, Navigation and Timing Solutions.

A broad array of precise Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions designed to address a wide range of requirements for Air, Sea and Land, including high speed pointing/attitude and relative position/angle applications.

Robustly engineered, self-contained systems, that are simple to operate and enable a rapid deployment in the field. The PNT products are designed to provide critical PNT information under demanding conditions.

Compatible Software products- including software toolbox, visualization and analysis tools specially developed to help you handle your resulting PNT data easily and quickly.

Applications are as diverse as the platforms using this information ranging from PNT for stationary or slowly moving platforms such as Aerostats to PNT for high-dynamic aircraft and everything in between.

Our leading mobile mapping solutions include the Aevex Geodetics Geo-MMS , Point & Pixel, the Routescene LidarPod® and the SatLab Apus UAV Lidar based solution.



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Geo – MMS

Geo-MMS is a fully integrated LiDAR mapping payload for integration with small unmanned vehicles. The Geo-MMS includes an inertial navigation system coupled with a LiDAR sensor. Raw data from the integrated GPS, IMU and LiDAR sensors are recorded on the internal data recording device and can be post-processed using Geodetics’ LiDAR tool software package to directly geo-reference the LiDAR point clouds with LAS format output. Geo-MMS is available with a wide range of sensors.

Key Features:

  • Flexible mounting for different platforms including UAV, UAS, ground vehicles and robots
  • Minimized sensor size and weight to meet payload restrictions (5 pounds minimum payload)
  • Available with a many IMU’s to support a wide range of application requirement
  • Centimeter-level position accuracy (dual-frequency RTK configuration)
  • On-board data logging of all raw and navigation solution data
  • User interface to fully control individual and collective GPS, IMU, Laser setting
  • Full post-processing support with GPS/IMU Geo-PostProcessing
  • LAS file output

Point&Pixel™ – Combined LiDAR and Photogrammetry

Point&Pixel combines the best of Geodetics’ Geo-Photomap and Geo-MMS LiDAR products by integrating LiDAR point clouds with Photogrammetry and delivering stunning colorized LiDAR point clouds.

Key Features

  • Combines LiDAR and Photogrammetry point clouds
  • Enhances visualization
  • Enables LiDAR point cloud colorization
  • Enhances DTM/DEM extraction
  • Facilitates LiDAR point cloud classification
  • Orthophoto generation in areas Photogrammetry fails (i.e., glaciers, tree canopy, mine site conveyors, etc.)
  • Change detection (2D, 3D, 4D)


The Routescene LidarPod® is cutting edge 3D mapping technology which is transforming the approach to surveys. Your self contained LidarPod® contains an HDL32 LiDAR scanner, a survey grade GPS/INS, data storage and radio telemetry.

Lightweight and compact, the LidarPod can be fitted onto any mobile platform you require. It has been designed specifically for use on UAVs and can also be used on vehicles.

Key Features:

  • saves time, generating more detailed and faster results
  • avoids exposure of personnel to awkward, dangerous and hostile environments
  • reduces time in the field and collects significantly more data compared to conventional survey techniques
  • collates accurate, detailed measurements from the air, which are more difficult to achieve with conventional surveying
  • achieves quicker results by collecting all the data needed in a single pass – much quicker than traditional methods
  • the higher density of data collected provides a much more detailed 3D view
  • collects data from different angles to minimize shadows
  • enables increased visibility in difficult to penetrate terrains such as forests
  • it is portable, lightweight and compact, suitable as flight hand luggage
  • independently CE and FCC certified to ensure compliance with electrical and radio transmission standards

SatLab Apus UAV Lidar based solution

This light compact and superior system integrates an advanced laser scanner with an industrial grade camera and a sophisticated inertial navigation system, is able to collect reliable and great detailed point cloud and rich image information.


Its versatile applications span across 3D spatial data acquisition for terrain mapping, electricity, forestry and agriculture surveys, emergency response, and land planning.

As a robust and intelligent system, Apus excels in most scenes even in the steep, rugged terrain, and thick vegetation.

 Key Features:

  • Data: 1,280,000 points/sec (dual-echo),1,920,000 points/sec (triple-echo)
  • Effective Pixel: 26 Mega Pixel (6252*4168)
  • Lidar Measuring Range:300 m
  • Field of View (FOV):360° (horizontal)*40.3° (vertical)
  • Position Accuracy (pp): Horizontal: 0.01 m; Vertical: 0.02 m
  • Heading Accuracy (pp):0.04°
  • UAVs Designed for DJI M300/DJI M350
  • Lightweight (up to 1Kg)
  • Can capture data autonomously in a designated area
  • Dual storage for data backup