About Us

Bringing over 35 years of experience – our secret is a combination of leading partners and quality products with highly professional team, offering value added services from pre-sale to technical support.

Hyper-Tech is a professional hub for a broad selection of cutting- edge technologies and solutions focusing on Positioning and Mapping, Components & Sub-Assemblies, M2M / IoT, Wireless Communication and Homeland Security.

Our reputable partners are global technology leaders that take quality and innovation to new levels. Trimble Navigation, Rakon, AeroAntenna, Astrophysics, Rapiscan, Polyphaser/Transtector, Velodyne Lidar, Aevex Aerospace – Geodetics, GPS Networking, 4RF, OmniStar, M2Global, Memsic, Siretta, Systech, Spacek Labs, NHR, Teltonika, IDSS, PNI, mWave, Gabriel, Mark Antenna, Seoul Robotics, EMI Solutions, V-Count, Tmytek, Feasycom, CommuniThings, RaySecur, uAvionix, Hitech Sensors, Comm-Connect, Bondix, LOCOSYS, Echodyne, SatLab, Protempis, SyncBotic and others have all put their trust in us.

We are proud to serve and bring value to hundreds of businesses in Israel in multiple industries including- Military & Defense, Aviation & Aerospace, Public Security, Seaports, Transportation, Telecommunication, Energy & Utilities, Governmental, Security & Surveillance, Academic institutions, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Industrial manufacturing and more.

Our products and services are used in diversified applications including Data Communication, Positioning & Mapping, Robotics, Unmanned Vehicles (UV/UAV/UAS), Communication Networking, Threats detection & Identification, M2M / IoT applications including Smart City,  Asset Tracking, Condition Monitoring, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Automation and more.

To make sure we are at the forefront- we are constantly searching for new products, technologies and solutions that make a change and bring new values to existing industries or enable the formation of new ones.

Our vision is to continue being a leading highly professional and dynamic value-added house for cutting- edge technologies offering a wide selection of products and synergetic professional services.