About Us

Bringing over 30 years of experience – our secret is a combination of leading partners and quality products with highly professional team, offering value added services from pre-sale to technical support.

Hyper-Tech is a professional hub for a broad selection of cutting- edge technologies and solutions focusing on Positioning and Mapping, Components & Sub-Assemblies, M2M / IoT, Wireless Communication and Homeland Security.

Our reputable partners are global technology leaders that take quality and innovation to new levels. Trimble Navigation, Rakon, AeroAntenna, Astrophysics, Rapiscan, Polyphaser/Transtector, Velodyne Lidar, Geodetics, GPS Networking, Teledesign, 4RF, OmniStar, M2Global, Memsic, Aceinna, Siretta, Systech, EpiSensor, Nemeus, Spacek Labs, NHR, Teltonika, IDSS, PNI, mWave, Gabriel, Mark Antenna, Seoul Robotics, Patriot One, EMI Solutions, V-Count, Feasycom and others have all put their trust in us.

We are proud to serve and bring value to hundreds of businesses in Israel in multiple industries including- Military & Defense, Aviation & Aerospace, Public Security, Seaports, Transportation, Telecommunication, Energy & Utilities, Governmental, Security & Surveillance, Academic institutions, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Industrial manufacturing and more.

Our products and services are used in diversified applications including Data Communication, Positioning & Mapping, Robotics, Unmanned Vehicles (UV/UAV/UAS), Communication Networking, Threats detection & Identification, M2M / IoT applications including Smart City,  Asset Tracking, Condition Monitoring, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Automation and more.

To make sure we are at the forefront- we are constantly searching for new products, technologies and solutions that make a change and bring new values to existing industries or enable the formation of new ones.

Our vision is to continue being a leading highly professional and dynamic value-added house for cutting- edge technologies offering a wide selection of products and synergetic professional services.