Manhole Cover Open Detector

Gemtek’s Manhole Cover Open Detector provides alerts whenever the manhole cover is being lifted.

The Manhole cover detector helps avoiding the fall of vehicles and pedestrians into open manholes, assists in protecting assets in communication shafts and protects manhole covers from thefts.

Gemtek is a worldwide leader of broadband / wireless solutions, offering a broad range of solutions from residential to business with over 17 years of experience in wireless design and mass production.

Gemtek provides end-to-end carrier grade LoRaWAN networks intended for private and public (City / Country wide) deployments as well as a wide range of solutions and sensors, such as: Various Asset Tracking devices, Smart Parking Solution, Manhole cover open Detector, etc’. In addition, Gemtek provides LoRaWAN modules (SMT / SiP) for sensors manufacturers.

Gemtek is a member of the LoRa Alliance (




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WSMS-125X321IS – Manhole Cover Open Detector

The Manhole Cover Open Detector is designed to detect if the manhole cover is being tampered or tilted up. It protects against theft of the metal cover and/or the valuable assets down below (e.g. fiber cables, communication equipment, etc’).

It communicates with the IoT AP/Gateway using a LoRaWAN protocol standard for long range wide area (LPWAN) deployments.

The Manhole Cover Open Detector integrates a 3-axis G-sensor and a temperature sensor. The detector reports battery level together with the other sensors data. It also sends a periodical keep-alive update messages.

Main Features:

  • Rugged enclosure – IP68
  • Tilt alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Tamper alert
  • LoRaWAN – long range, low  power, high sensitivity data link
  • Power Supply – Internal battery, 2.2-2.3V
  • Operating Temperature – -40ºC ~ 70ºC
  • Dimensions / Weight – 142mm x 113mm x 42.5mm / 318g