Our Partners

Our valuable partners are global technology leaders in Telecommunication, IoT/M2M, Positioning & Mapping, Aviation Systems, Homeland Security and Components & Subassemblies.

Together- we are working to provide our customers with total solutions -taking into account their targets and constraints.

Hyper-Tech is an added value reseller bringing to the Israeli market a wide array of products and cutting edge technologies of global partners including Trimble, Rakon, Velodyne Lidar, GPS Networking, Astrophysics, AeroAntenna, Polyphaser/Transtector, Rapiscan Systems, M2Global, Memsic, Omnistar, Applanix, Smart Design, Aviat, True-North, Furgo Marinstar, Pacific Crest, FreeFlight, 4RF,  Berex, Laser Technology, Comba, Systech, Siretta, SparkLan,  Siae, Aevex Aerospace - Geodetics, Routescene, Gemtek, MagnaSCI, Flashnet, Sensoneo, Cesva ,Spacek Labs, NHR, Teltonika, IDSS, PNI, mWave, Gabriel, Mark Antenna, Seoul Robotics, EMI Solutions, V-Count, TMYTEK, Feasycom, CommuniThings, Browan, Pixel Networks, RaySecur, uAvionix, Hitech Sensors, Comm-Connect, Bondix, LOCOSYS,  Echodyne,  SatLab and Protempis.


Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Its integrated solutions allow customers to collect, manage and analyze complex information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient and profitable.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized dealer/distributor of Trimble in Israel for a wide array of products.

Trimble products are used in over 150 countries around the world. Employees in more than 35 countries, coupled with a highly capable network of dealers and distribution partners serve and support their customers.


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Rakon is a global high technology company that designs and manufactures world leading frequency control solutions. Rakon products are found at the forefront of communications where speed and reliability are paramount.  Whether it be deep down in the infrastructure, satellites in space, or navigation devices – Rakon's products are at the forefront of enabling connectivity, faster and more reliably.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized added-value distributor of Rakon products in Israel.

Founded in 1967, Rakon has been at the vanguard of advanced crystal and oscillator technology for many years. Since 2006 Rakon has transitioned to become one of the largest global providers of frequency control solutions, offering a diversified product portfolio including technology advanced products for the telecommunications, positioning and space & defense markets.

Primarily based around quartz crystal technology and utilizing its unique and natural piezoelectric properties, Rakon products create extremely accurate electric signals. These signals are used to generate radio waves and synchronize time in the most demanding communication applications.

Rakon's product range comprises of low stability Crystal Oscillators (XO), Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs) and crystal products, through to high volume precision Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs), Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) oscillators and specialized products for extreme performance.

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Velodyne Lidar

Since 2007, Velodyne’s LiDAR division has emerged as the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of real-time LiDAR sensor technology used in a variety of commercial applications including autonomous vehicles, vehicle safety systems, 3D mobile mapping, 3D aerial mapping and security. Founded in 1983 and based in California’s Silicon Valley, Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. is a diversified technology company known worldwide for its high-performance audio equipment and real-time LiDAR sensors. The company’s LiDAR division evolved after founder/inventor David Hall competed in the 2004-05 DARPA Grand Challenge using stereovision technology. Based on his experience during this challenge, Hall recognized the limitations of stereovision and developed the HDL-64 high-resolution LiDAR sensor. Velodyne subsequently released its compact, lightweight HDL 32E sensor, available for many applications including UAVs, and the new VLP-16 LiDAR Puck, a 16-channel real-time LiDAR sensor that is both substantially smaller and dramatically less expensive than previous generation sensors. Market research firm Frost & Sullivan has honored the company and the VLP-16 with its 2015 North American Automotive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Sensors Product Leadership Award.

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GPS Networking

GPS Networking, Inc. specializes in providing global positioning products and solutions to enable you to effectively distribute the GPS/GNSS signal throughout your facility.  GPS Networking has developed a line of GPS/GNSS products which allow you to design your own GPS/GNSS network that meets your application needs.  For over 20 years, GPS Networking, Inc. has been the world leader in providing GPS/GNSS Antenna Splitters, GPS/GNSS Amplifiers, GPS/GNSS Rack Mount Splitters, GPS/GNSS Re-radiating Kits and GPS/GNSS Fiber Optic Antenna Link systems.

GPS Networking has the experience and expertise needed to create customized solutions for your application.  GPS Networking has developed GPS/GNSS systems for many different applications, including Communications, Public Safety, Military, Aviation & Aerospace, Surveying & Mapping and Utilities Companies.

GPS Networking was the first company to sell GPS Re-radiating kits which effectively transmits GPS/GNSS signals indoors.  They offer the total solution Hanger Network GPS Re-Radiating Kit (HNRRKIT) or the Portable Network GPS Re-Radiating Kit (PNRRKIT) to meet your unique application.  They are also the first to offer Fiber Optic timing solutions with our Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link (FOGPSAL). GPS Netowrking has provided the GPS/GNSS equipment for virtually every type of environment and application.  Its solutions include GPS/GNSS DAS networks throughout the Major wireless carriers locations including base station applications integral in the LTE wireless rollout.  GPS Networking s designed and developed networks including re-radiating GPS/GNSS in Bradley Fighting Vehicles and countless other military applications.

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Astrophysics Inc

With a specific focus on security x-ray imaging and detection, Astrophysics delivers the best in technology. Founded in 2002 by Imaging Scientist François Zayek, Astrophysics Inc. has since emerged as the industry innovator. With over 30 years experience in imaging technology, François Zayek is experienced in both the medical and security industry. Former Vice President of Research and Development and Engineering for PerkinElmer- EG&G Astrophysics, he is known globally for his engineering innovation. François Zayek is joined by a team of PhD and field leading scientists and software developers that transform theory into cutting edge products. Astrophysics has the most technologically advanced systems on the market at an incredible value.

Hyper-Tech is the representative of Astrophysics Inc. in Israel.

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Aeroantenna Technology

AeroAntenna Technology, Inc. (AAT) is an innovative company, which has pioneered many of the GPS antenna designs available today. AAT offers a wide variety  of technologically advanced products ranging from FAA approved airborne antennas, to GPS  Survey and Marine antennas. Their product line also encompasses GPS antennas for L1 only, L1/L2, GPS/Glonass, GPS/VHF, GPS/L-Band, and DGPS/Coast Guard frequencies (VLF), DGPS/Satellite data link, and X-Band. New products under development include such items as ADF, TCAS, and SATCOM antennas.

All AeroAntenna products have gone through rigorous analysis and extensive testing. This along with their wide range of experience, has resulted in products that provide excellent performance, are precise, reliable, and durable.

AAT has assembled an engineering support staff which has the knowledge, skills and dedication to solve RF needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction from their products. Whether your needs include FAA approved airborne antennas, or customized standard products designed for airborne, shipboard, and ground-based applications, AAT has the capabilities to help.

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Polyphaser - Transtector

 Polyphaser - Transtector leads the market with its patented RF protection solutions, specifically supporting communications systems.  Based on its extensive experience with multi-stage surge protection, PolyPhaser continuously expands its product offering to support the needs of advanced network applications with technologies such as DC Block DC Pass and Ultra Low PIM. 

Through innovative RF engineering and manufacturing capabilities PolyPhaser has created a protection technology that virtually assures uninterrupted communications flow of data and information through global networks. PolyPhaser provides a technologically advanced solution designed to overcome the inherent weaknesses associated with gas tube and quarter-wave technology.

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Smart Design

Smart Design Technology Co., Ltd. was established by a group of professional managers and senior engineers whom were familiar with GPS and Bluetooth field. Now Smart Design focuses on solution Bluetooth, WiFi GPS and CMOS. Smart Design designs, manufactures and markets a series of the most advanced technology products.

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M2 Global

M2 Global Technology, Ltd. is a premier worldwide supplier of microwave products and precision manufacturing services,    serving the defense, telecommunications, and aerospace industries for over 30 years.  The company's products are used in cellular communication systems, satellite up and down links, line-of-sight communications, radar countermeasures, broadcast equipment, and airframe systems.

A Department of Defense (DoD) supplier and protégé of Lockheed Martin, M2 Global provides parts for the F-35, F-22, F-16, and C-130 aircraft programs. An AS9100 certified company, M2 Global is well equipped to respond to prototype, quick turn, and full-rate production requirements. .

M2 Global specializes in applying advanced microwave technologies to provide high-performance radio frequency (RF) microwave components and subsystems in standard and custom configurations for coaxial, wave-guide, and drop-in circulators, power dividers, couplers, splitters, diplexers, filters, and wave-guide assemblies.  In addition, theye offer a wide variety of precision manufacturing services and welcome requests for prototype precision machining, fabrication, welding, brazing, and electromechanical assembly.

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Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest is a leading brand of wireless data communication solutions designed for positioning and remote sensing applications. The combination of world class communication and GNSS technology with Pacific Crest's reputation for customizing solutions, results in an unrivaled offering in the marketplace.
Pacific Crest delivers solutions for a wide range of market applications, including:
Precise Positioning - For applications that utilize radio links to communicate RTK corrections.

Remote Sensing - For environmental monitoring, pipeline transmission and water management.
Precise positioning applications include land/marine surveying, construction and machine control, agriculture, and infrastructure monitoring. These applications utilize both Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) technology and the radio links that communicate Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections from GNSS reference stations to GNSS rover receivers.

Remote Sensing applications require the broadcast of digital information from remote sensing devices to central offices that process the data for decision making. Devices such as weather stations, pH meters and pressure sensors relay their measurements to radio links for broadcast back to the central stations which, in turn, send command/control instruction back to the remote sensors.

Pacific Crest is a leading brand of high-performance data links for the Geomatics industry based on the acceptance of its communications protocols as the standard for RTK surveying. Compact and lightweight, the radios are also watertight and rugged enough for the toughest environments. They are easily configurable in the field with an enhanced user interface. Easy-to-integrate modules are also available to system integrators seeking the best radio modems possible

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Applanix has a simple mission - to be the industry leader in the development, manufacture, sales, and support of Mobile Mapping products and solutions. Applanix technology is specifically designed for commercial applications, including aerial survey and remote sensing, land-based mobile mapping, and marine survey operations – markets they helped pioneer.

Applanix was founded in 1991 on defense and aerospace industry expertise. With global reach and innovative engineering excellence recognized worldwide, the company's Position and Orientation Systems (POS™) are now the industry-standard for airborne, land, and marine survey applications. Since 2003, Applanix has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble .

Today, Applanix focus on a range of products that provide dynamically accurate measurements of vehicle and sensor position and orientation. Applanix systems integrate precision GPS with advanced inertial technology to provide uninterrupted measurements of the position, roll, pitch and true heading of moving vehicles. By combining GPS and inertial technologies, Applanix offers a fully integrated, turnkey solution for high-productivity in-motion surveying, direct data georeferencing, and robust mobile mapping.

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MEMSIC delivers Powerful Sensing Solutions to enhance our life. MEMSIC (MEMS + IC) develops breakthrough MEMS sensors components and system integration technologies and is an expert at making a wide variety of products smaller, higher performance and lower cost.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized distributor of Memsic in Israel.

Founded in 1997, MEMSIC is focused on the development of Sensing products and solutions based on highly differentiated MEMS technology.

Memsic combines this MEMS technology with system integration and algorithms to deliver powerful sensing solutions, which enable customers to develop world-class products for a wide range of industrial, automotive, avionics, medical and consumer applications.

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OmniSTAR services provide highly accurate and reliable real-time GNSS positions that help reduce costs and increase productivity.

Services are available wirelessly through satellite and mobile phone technologies and are used across a wide range of industries—from agriculture to seismic monitoring, heavy construction to mapping.

OmniSTAR’s worldwide services are available around the clock and are easily accessible—no local reference station is necessary.

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True North

True North Technologies is a product-driven company.  TrueNorth mission is to exploit new and existing technologies to produce innovative electronic compass products for marine, aerial, and land use in recreational, commercial, and industrial markets. 

 True North Technologies has been designing and manufacturing electronic compasses (a.k.a. digital magnetic compasses) for the past 17 years, and has shipped over 25,000 to OEM customers and end-users.

The Revolution, Revolution 2X, Revolution LP, Revolution GS, and Revolution AV are TrueNorth tilt-compensated electronic compasses for applications that are literally all over the map. They have been strapped to remotely operated tanks for target practice. They’ve gone caving, swimming, flying, and drilling. They’re part of agricultural sprinklers, ROVs, AUVs, antenna positioning systems, weather buoys, and oil wells. They’re used alone or in a suite of sensors providing very accurate direction and/or pitch and roll information in a wide range of environmental conditions.

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4RF founded in 1998 by radio experts with many years experience in telecommunications and the microwave radio industry, 4RF is now a global company, with customers in more than 130 countries, in multiple industries.

 4RF successfully execute the full breadth of operations, from research and development and engineering through to manufacturing, shipping and customer support, onshore in New Zealand.

This allows a level of ownership and control that enables an extreme focus on quality that has contributed greatly to the company's success, resulting in technology and products that are renowned worldwide, backed up by unrivalled customer service and support, with local support available wherever you are in the world.

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BeRex is focusing on and dedicated to patentable RF technologies and products for the wireless industry. BeRex has originated from Silicon Valley, CA. USA in 2003 for the next generation products to be the leading marketing, designing, and manufacturing patentable RF components including gain blocks, local drive amps, IF ICs, power amplifiers, discrete devices, switches, mixers, LNAs and other RF integrated circuits.

BeRex offers such advantages as ESD 4,000 volt, MSL 1, product quality uniformity, enhanced band width 10 to 4000 MHz, 100% lead-free green products(RoHS compliant), less external parts, higher performance, 100% RF/DC screen, temperature compensated bias circuit, friendly packaging, MTBF over 100 years, etc. as well as benefits to clients, investors and community.

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FreeFlight Systems designs, manufactures and supports avionics systems that improve the safety, efficiency and affordability of flying,specializing in technologies and solutions that bring the benefits of the NextGen airspace transformation to all segments of aviation. Known for the quality and reliability of their products, the flexibility and compatibility of their solutions and their commitment to long-term service and support.

FreeFlight’s modular and scalable products can be used as stand-alone devices or as fully integrated avionics systems. This enables them to serve a diverse worldwide customer base in light general aviation, business aviation, commercial airlines and the military with solutions for airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and airport surface vehicles.

Products are designed and manufactured in America to rigorous quality standards. FreeFlight supports open technology standards to maximize affordability, compatibility with existing systems and upgradability as technologies advance and offer long-term product support.

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Furgo Marinestar

Fugro Marinestar Satellite Positioning Services and Products are involved in the development and operation of satellite-based positioning and tracking systems and related products world-wide.

Marinestar offers a range of services tailored to the particular application and market environment to ensure a cost effective, fit for purpose solution under every circumstance.

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Since its founding in 1981, Systech Corporation has been in the business of building products that link a diverse set of products and systems into high speed networks.

Today, Systech is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Serial-to-IP and Dial-to-IP network conversion devices for enabling IP communications. Its network device solutions include industry leading networking software for enabling network access and management through Windows applications and Internet browsers.

Systech's 33-year history includes innovative network device server and Internet payment gateway solutions for a broad range of worldwide markets spanning electronic transaction, point of sale, retail operations, and industrial and commercial applications. Over 350,000 Systech networking devices facilitate mission critical applications worldwide, providing their customers with the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to enable IP communications for their IT systems.

Hyper-Tech is the added-value distributor/reseller of Systech in Israel.


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IP Solutions

IP Solutions provides instruments for GNSS related testing, R&D and education since 2007.  
IP-Solutions provides mid-level and high-end GNSS/GPS simulation solutions with the same level of accuracy and fidelity.

IP-Solutions brings its 10-year development for designated users — including the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) COSMODE ionospheric scintillation monitor — to general users worldwide. IP-Solutions users have a complete GNSS lab at their disposal. They can simulate, record and process signals in real-time with the company’s receiver, and playback almost any GNSS signal.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized distributor/reseller of IP Solutions in Israel.

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SparkLAN Communications, Inc. is one of the worldwide leading wireless networking solution providers. SparkLAN product mix covers wireless embedded modules, and wireless networking devices (Access Point, Router, Client, and IP cameras), offering a comprehensive line of solutions for diversified applications in the growing broadband communication market. With quality wide-ranging products, proven manufacturing capability and professional customer-centric services, SparkLAN is a trustworthy partner to help enable powerful, stable, and secure Wi-Fi connections with ease.

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Routescene is a registered trademark of MAPIX technologies Ltd. Established in 1996, MAPIX technologies Ltd specialises in providing solutions for the management, visualisation and collection of geo-spatial information. Routescene® global operation is spanning all the continents from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania to Africa.

Routescene® have a strong cutting edge culture, offering agility and innovation. Methodical processes and attention to detail ensure the delivery of both reputable products and excellent, responsive customer service.

Routescene®  team of talented people naturally demonstrate a “can do” attitude offering pragmatism, persistence and a drive to achieve. Combined with these commercial skills their inquisitive minds, conscientious approach and aptitude for lateral thinking means they design and produce robustly engineered products which solve the problems and challenges faced by their customers. They are easy to use and intuitive products which really work.

Hyper-Tech is the distributor/reseller of Routescene products in Israel. 


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Thanks to  years of industry experience, Aviat Networks knows microwave transmission better than anyone,  delivering the next generation of LTE Proven and Mission Critical microwave networking solutions that bring together high performance radio transmission, advanced data networking and smart network evolution to all-IP.

Aviat Networks is a specialist microwave company. Their aim is to provide the most innovative wireless solutions to solve backhaul challenges at the very lowest total cost of ownership.

Aviat's portfolio of microwave networking products covers an extensive spectrum of frequencies, capacities and applications. This advanced line of microwave backhaul products is optimized for last mile and aggregation sites, and high capacity trunking radios for the core network.

Aviat’s products are designed to support smooth migration from TDM to Carrier Ethernet/IP, utilizing either a hybrid design that supports full native support for legacy and new IP traffic with maximum efficiency, or all-IP for operators seeking to deploy all-packet links. Aviat has a powerful product roadmap that drives further integration of microwave and Layer 2/3 and IP/MPLS networking, along with market leading radio performance, efficiency and reliability.

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Laser Technology

A Pioneer in reflector-less measurement, Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) is a company devoted to the design and manufacture of innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments, using ISO compliant and continuous improvement techniques. Laser Technology maintains an intense focus on providing laser measurement technologies which address real world needs and applications, including speed enforcement, accident investigation, forestry, mining, utilities and surveying, to name just a few.

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FLASHNET, a European provider of solutions for smart utility management, is a fast paced tech company that integrates the latest IT, energy and telecommunications technologies into hardware and software solutions, creating and implementing intelligent systems for smarter cities and better infrastructure.

Founded in 2005, FLASHNET is a leader in intelligent utility management systems, with worldwide operations. Flashnet is a member of LoRa™ Alliance.

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A leading supplier of wireless M2M products and overall solutions, specializing in wireless modems, cloud based software and overall M2M application solutions.

To complete the wireless range Siretta offers the widest range of  antennas, cable assemblies and RF connectors/adaptors.

Siretta's expertise in wireless technology has enabled it to build a broad M2M application base, but in addition, a relevant product range. The high level of technical support and advice is now well known and sought after. 

Hyper-Tech is the added value distributor/reseller of Siretta's products in Israel.

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Aevex Aerospace - Geodetics

Geodetics was founded in 1999 by a team of scientists with the goal of providing precise positioning technologies in the civilian market.

Since that time, Geodetics has grown into a product and integrated solution provider for Positioning, Navigation and Timing systems for a wide range of civilian and defense applications.

Their products and systems have been deployed in mission critical applications including Aerial Refueling, Aerial Combat Training, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, UAV’s, Aerostats and Dismounted Soldier tracking.

Geodetics products and technologies are designed and built in the U.S.A.  Their Commercial- off-the-shelf products offer cost-effective, robust solutions to a wide range of challenging Positioning, Navigation and Timing applications.

When unique application requirements arise, their dedicated team of project managers, support engineers, scientists, algorithm developers, software, hardware and test engineers stand ready to work with you to precisely meet your application objectives.

Hyper-Tech is the representative/distributor of Geodetics in Israel.

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Gemtek is a world-leading provider of wireless broadband solutions from residential to business. Established in 1988 and headquartered in Taiwan, Gemtek was one of the earliest companies to develop WLAN products. Based on its expertise in areas such as RF/microwave design, 4G/LTE terminals, wireless infrastructures, multimedia STB and IP telephony, Gemtek has long since remained a pioneer and leader in the telecoms market. Moreover, the company was instrumental in the development of the LPWAN network solution and is an innovative provider of LoRa IoT end-to-end solutions. Gemtek is unequivocally devoted to helping the world realize the vast potentials of a wireless world. 


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TMYTEK is a young and enthusiastic team with mmWave and software integration experts. Not only can TMYTEK provide mmWave products and services, they are able to integrate them with software control which makes it very user friendly.

TMYTEK mission is: "to contribute and to realize internet everywhere with our mmWave technology."

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As a leading company in areas such as connected vehicles and networking solutions, Teltonika is setting market trends worldwide. In 20 years Teltonika has launched to mass production over 100 different devices in IoT, Networking, Connected vehicles, Asset and personal Tracking areas. That makes over 8.600.000 million devices sold worldwide in over 150 different countries. Although these numbers are impressive, Teltonika is more than that – it is about innovating, inspiring, connecting, educating and reliable partnership.

By setting new trends Teltonika inspires its partners to change the world and use the most advanced technologies in the market. Connected vehicles, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, Cloud based services and many more are already here.

Hypertech is an authorized partner of Teltonika in Israel.

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Siae Microelettronica are internationally renowned as a leading provider of the most innovative and best performing microwave radio and wireless network solutions. Siae equipment enables millions of people in over 80 countries to communicate around the world every day.

As an intrinsic element of modern network infrastructure, Siae customers demand the highest quality, value for money and innovative telecommunications products. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s passion for radio solutions enables it to meet these demands with leading edge licensed microwave radio products (6-42GHz frequencies), along with an extensive product portfolio which also includes, E-band radios, multiplexers, cell site gateways, network switching devices and network management systems.

Siae turnkey services capability, provided worldwide, includes bespoke network design and planning, installation and commissioning, programme management and post sales support and maintenance.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized distributor of Siae products in Israel.

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MagnaSCI was founded with the mission of developing innovative technologies that produce a positive impact on a larger number of people. The company received worldwide recognition with its first successful product, uRADMonitor, which is already deployed in more than 40 countries around the globe.

The company’s product line includes a range of environmental monitoring devices for Smart Cities and industries.

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V-count is the leading provider of visitor analytics solutions in the world. offering global organizations the latest in people counting, heatmap, queue management, staff exclusion and business intelligence platforms. V-count solutions are backed by a secure cloud-based business intelligence platform that leverages best-in-class AI and machine learning tools to analyze collected data.

V-count provide actionable reports and software-based recommendations on how customers behave in their physical locations, as well as insights on how to optimize business operations, boost conversion rates, and thereby, start increasing profits just in 30 days.
V-count is the trusted technology partner of over 800 global brands (including Samsonite, Samsung, Sephora, Marks & Spencer, Ford Motors, Vodafone, Bosch Siemens).

V-Count leads the visitor analytics industry in R&D and innovation, and we are partnered with other industry-leaders like Amazon and Microsoft. V-Count has offices in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Miami, Brussels, Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul with a growth of 104% in turnover Year-On-Year.
V-Count solutions are being used in over 42000 locations in 100 countries, and our software has counted a total of over 13B people.


Hypertech is the authorized distributor of V-Count in Israel.


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Nietzsche Enterprise Co., Ltd. (NHR), an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, has been engaged in wireless communication and power solutions for over 35 years and continues to focus on meeting current and future market needs in Wireless Sensing Network.

NHR's design center and factory are in Taipei, Taiwan, with a commitment to solving constraints from wires and cables through delivering intuitive, convenient, reliable, and rapid return on investment wireless solutions to customers.
Products and solutions include agriculture, logistics/transportation, energy & water management, security & maintenance, industrial, asset management, and aquatic.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized value added reseller of NHR in Israel.

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Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-effectively manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people. It aims to improve the collection process and its operation efficiency by involving real-time bin’s fill-level monitoring together with analytic and planning tools that helps to analyze the data and plan optimized collection routes when and where needed rather than on pre-determined dates.


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Comba Telecom is a supplier of infrastructure and wireless enhancement solutions to mobile operators and enterprises to enhance and extend their wireless communications networks.
Established in 1997 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003, Comba researches and develops wireless technology through its R&D centers in China and USA. Its manufacturing base in China features advanced testing equipment and one of the largest microwave anechoic testing chambers in the region to ensure quality in its products.

Comba' s product portfolio includes wireless enhancement, antennas and subsystems, wireless transmission and wireless access equipment. Comba' s end-to-end network solutions include consultation, network design, optimization and commissioning.

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CESVA was founded in 1969 in Barcelona (Spain) and has specialized in acoustics since its inception. They manufacture acoustic equipment and instruments and are renowned for their sound level meters and condenser microphones. With their quality and precise instruments they help customers to measure & control both noise & vibration. This is achieved by designing and manufacturing systems that are extremely easy to use, but which do not compromise on power & functionality.

CESVA sit in several committees, both Spanish and International, for the creation and revision of regulations and standards in these domains. 


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Seoul Robotics

Top developer for 3D Computer Vision for 3D Sensors, processing 3D data with Machine Learning in realtime on edge devices to bring new Generation of Safety and Security Solutions. 

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Spacek Labs

Spacek Labs, Incorporated, is a small, woman-owned business manufacturing millimeter-wave and microwave components and sub-systems operating from 18 to 110 GHz. Hyper-Tech is the authorized distributor of Spacek in Israel. Since 1982, Spacek Labs has been providing products to Government, universities, research institutions and private industry. Located in Santa Barbara, California, Spacek Labs occupies two adjacent industrial buildings with 10,000 square feet. With the exception of shock and vibration testing equipment, Spacek own all the necessary manufacturing and test equipment needed to fulfill its contracts.  Spacek facilities include the amplifier design, development and assembly laboratory, 30 separate assembly/test benches ranging from 2 to 110 GHz with additional equipment and benches for project specific work stations as required. Spacek testing facilities include vector network analyzers with the ability to directly test up to 65 GHz and a 60 sq. ft. screen room (Faraday cage) for low-noise testing.

Spacek have the environmental equipment to temperature test our devices from -55°C to +165°C as well as in-house cryogenic test facilities capable of temperatures as low as 15° Kelvin. Spacek digital capabilities include 2D and 3D CAD, EM simulation and the ability to handle any file format for project management needs.

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EMI Solutions

With over 20 years of acquired expertise in the EMI/EMC marketplace, combined with continuous improvement in materials and processes used to develop products to comply with the AS9100 and MIL-810/DO-160 standards, EMI Solutions is recognized as the leading woman owned small business manufacturer of EMI filtering products for the military and aerospace supply chain, as well as a diversity of commercial applications.

 Hypertech is the authorized distributor of EMI Solutions in Israel.

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IDSS has one mission: to bring resolution to security threat detection. IDSS was founded specifically to develop high performance, next generation scanners to transform threat detection and security capabilities world-wide. IDSS creates purpose-driven solutions that automate and optimize security and operations.

Across locations in New York and Massachusetts, IDSS team of technology innovators and business leaders delivers solutions that redefine security standards, address emerging and evolving threats and counter operational challenges. 

Hyper-Tech is IDSS partner in Israel.

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Feasycom focuses on the research and develop of IoT (internet of things) products, including Bluetooth Modules,

BLE Module ,Dual Mode Bluetooth Module ,WiFi Module ,Wifi Bluetooth Module ,Bluetooth Beacon and more. With extensive experience in the wireless connectivity, Feasycom provides low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product customization cycle to thousands of diverse customer worldwide.

Feasycom’s products and services mainly apply to Automotive, Point of Sale, Home Automation, Healthcare and Engineering, Banking, Computing, Vending Business, Location, Lighting and more.

Aiming at “Make Communication Easy and Freely”, Feasycom is dedicated to design and develop high-quality products, efficient services to customers, for today, and all days to come.


Hypertech is the authorized distributor of Feasycom in Israel.

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PNI is the world's foremost expert in precision location, motion tracking , and fusion of sensor systems into real-world applications.

PNI’s products and technologies are used by leading, global companies in applications where a high degree of accuracy, continuous reliability, and low power consumption are required.

PNI's products include high-performance geomagnetic sensors, location and motion coprocessors, military-grade sensor modules, sensor fusion algorithms, and complete sensor systems.

Tilt-Compensated Compass Modules

High-performance, low power consumption, tilt-compensated 3-axis electronic compass modules that provide industry-leading heading accuracy. Our TCM-XB and TCM-MB modules offer reliable, pinpoint-accurate pitch, roll and compass heading to 0.3° rms.

TRAX2 AHRS & Digital Compass

TRAX2 is the only orientation module that provides two different modes: attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) or digital compass. TRAX2’s dual-mode capability supports a wide range of applications including drones, robotics, ocean buoys, manned and unmanned vehicles, among others.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized partner of PNI in Israel.

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Gabriel Antenna

Since 1943, Gabriel has been a leader in the development of microwave antennas and accessories for the point to point communications industry.

Thousands of Gabriel parabolic antennas serve millions of channel miles throughout the world in telephony, industrial, broadcast, cellular, public safety and government and military applications. Gabriel was organized primarily to aid the World War II defense effort in cooperation with Radiation Laboratories at MIT, Tufts University, Raytheon and other major firms in the Greater Boston area.

Prior to being acquired by mWave, Gabriel and Mark Antenna were manufactured by General Dynamics as part of the General Dynamics SATCOM division. In the late summer of 2015 the Gabriel and Mark antenna brands were purchased by mWAVE Industries LLC and moved to mWave’s Windham, Maine facility.others.

Hypertech is the authorized reseller of the mWave Industries brands in Israel.

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mWave Industries, LLC is a leading global provider of innovative custom and commercial microwave antenna solutions with special focus on 60, 70, 80, 94 & 110 GHz Millimeter Wave Reflector Antenna. The mWave microwave antenna brands include the industry leading Mark Grid, Gabriel, mWAVE and QuickFire™ lines of terrestrial microwave antenna which are recognized worldwide for their robust designs and reliability. mWAVE now offers one of the broadest lines of microwave antenna in the industry. 

Established in 2004,  mWave designs and manufactures standard and custom microwave antenna products for commercial and government applications spanning the scientific, defense, and academic communities.

Hypertech is the authorized reseller of the mWave Industries brands in Israel.

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Mark Grid Antenna

A leader in the development of microwave parabolic grid antennas since the 1960’s, Mark Antenna previously of Des Plaines, IL has been instrumental in providing rugged light weight antennas to the public safety, utility, carrier and energy markets including both government and military sectors.

Mark introduced the parabolic grid to the commercial wireless sector to alleviate the concerns of tower loading and wind loading on light-weight towers and roof-top installation sites. The innovative design initially designed for the military quickly became a standard in the utilities, energy and public safety sectors. Mark Antennas mainstreaming of this antenna design was soon followed by the Compak grid design that reduced antenna shipping costs for the four, six and eight foot diameter models.

Mark Antenna is now a part of the mWAVE Industries group.

Hypertech is the authorized reseller of the mWave Industries brands in Israel.

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SatLab Geosolutions

SatLab Geosolutions is a Swedish based global satellite positioning solutions company with offices strategically located around the world. Founded by a group of passionate and pioneering engineers, with a total of more than 40 years of experience in the GNSS industry, the management team is made up of veteran industry experts who value customers’ needs. Focusing on research and development, the SatLab Geosolutions team works around the clock to create innovative products for surveying professionals across the globe, providing superior complete solutions.

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For more than 25 years, Comm-Connect has served their customers with state-of-the-art rf measurement equipment, and their mission is still to bring their customers the best value for money solutions.

Needless to say, the world has changed since then, and they enjoy the daily dialogue with their customers, in order to help overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Hypertech is the authorized distributor of Comm-Connect in Israel.

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Pixel Networks

Pixel Networks is an international team of telecom industry professionals with the head office in Hong Kong. Pixel’s team has a deep expertise in telecommunication technologies adoption, software development and hardware design. Operating in one of Asia’s leading Smart Cities enables Pixel Networks to accumulate diverse experience of IoT integrations into various business processes and to form a holistic vision of the smart connected urban infrastructure.

 Hypertech is the authorized distributor of Pixel Networks in Israel.


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Echodyne is 90 people creating breakthrough beam-steering radars for a range of existing and new defense, security, and autonomous machine applications. Echodyne’s patents cover a range of inventions for designing and manufacturing electronically scanned array (ESA) radars in low SWaP formats and combining them with powerful, intelligent software. Echodyne’s products are high performance radars that secure troops and bases, create new ISR capabilities, defend against rogue drones, enhance safety for air taxis, cargo drones, droneports, and corridors, and unlock new potential for autonomous ground vehicles.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized reseller of Echodyne in Israel.

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Founded in 2014, CommuniThings is the pioneer of LPWAN (Low Power wide-area network) mobility solutions, addressing Smart-cities and IoT.
Its mission is to alleviate urban mobility, while optimizing operational efficiencies across cities and companies.
This is achieved by using a state-of-the-art IoT platform, wireless sensors, cameras and an enriched portfolio of services and applications allowing a better user-experience, optimized mobility control, and extensive analytics towards improved urban-planning.


Hypertech is the authorized distributor of CommuniThings in Israel.

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BROWAN COMMUNICATIONS is a professional wireless equipment company founded in 1999. The company is one of the Gemtek Group’s companies that is focusing in leveraging the wireless technology Know-How accumulated over the years to address the emerging businesses of the Internet of Things.

BROWAN, focuses on the integration of wireless technology such as WiFi, BLE, LTE and LoRa to customize products for different multitude of customers in the vertical applications of IoT.  Headquartered in Taiwan, BROWAN’s innovative solutions combine proven, mature carrier/enterprise application integration technologies that are constructed upon a service-oriented and event-driven architecture.

BROWAN value proposition is to serve the IoT market from customized design services, consultative engineering and the commercialization of the products, to support our customers in applying our products to their IoT business plan and resulting to a sustainable and successful IoT network services.

BROWAN Communications, as a Gemtek Group’s Company, builds on the pioneering foundation of Gemtek’s LPWAN venture and extensive wireless communication technology know-how accumulated over the years, continue to provide state-of-the-art IoT end-to-end solutions and valued-added services to customers. BROWAN is unequivocally devoted to helping the world realize the vast potentials of an IoT world by offering competitive, comprehensive and compatible IoT products.

Hypertech is the authorized distributor of BROWAN in Israel.

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uAvionix is the world's leader in communications, navigation, and surveillance solutions for unmanned aircraft systems. uAvionix develops the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B transponder, Ping. uAvionix has gathered a cross-disciplinary team of experts in embedded RF engineering, hardware, software, and cloud services to deliver the most innovative, lowest SWaP, and most affordable ADS-B transceivers, transponders, remote identification transmitters, and GPS receivers for General Aviation and UAS.

Hypertech is the authorized distributor of uAvionix in Israel.

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US based RaySecur was founded by Eric Giroux with the understanding that there exists an unaddressed and too-often exploited physical security gap affecting organizations each and every year and a genuine desire to develop solutions to keep people safe.

Hyper-Tech is the authorized distributor of RaySecur in Israel.

RaySecur three core beliefs are:

  • Mail is the weakest link in most organization’s security system
  • CBREs and hoax letters are economically damaging
  • RaySecur can successfully address these challenges -- and have a social duty to do so with superior technology

RaySecur originated as a Government spinout and is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.


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Hitech Sensors

Hitech Sensors Limited is a professional high-tech company which specializes in inertial sensors and devices. The company has various inertial sensors including, Dynamical Tuned Gyro, Fiber optic gyro and other high-tech devices. These products are widely used in the Oil & Gas, Miningand Aerospace industries.

Hypertech is the authorized distributor of Hitech Sensors in Israel.

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Taiwan LOCOSYS Technology is a global leading company of satellite positioning modules, with IATF 16949:2016/ISO 9001:2015 automotive quality management system and complete production line equipment.
LOCOSYS is providing α-level Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) wireless communication, RTK high-precision positioning/orientation solutions, inertial navigation Solutions and 4G/5G CORS base station system.

LOCOSYS provides GNSS positioning and navigation related products, including GNSS positioning modules, GNSS dead reckoning(DR) modules, RTK and RTD high-precision modules, Bluetooth 4.0 and BT 2.4G wireless modules, MEMS modules, traffic information RDS-TMC modules, ARM system platform solutions and related APP test software.

Hypertech is the authorized distributor of LOCOSYS in Israel.

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Syncbotic technology Inc. is a software define synchronization robot component company, makes rugged robot controller, time synchronization and research & education robot platform, provide hardware swarm sync, swarm system sync and daisy chain feature for all robot sensors node by using key knowledge of software to development hardware acceleration, TSN and PTP technology.

Hypertech is the authorized distributor of SyncBotic in Israel.

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