Digital Attitude Sensors

An electronic compass able to sense both direction and pitch and roll also in GPS denied environments.

Unlike a GPS it doesn’t have to be moving to determine azimuth. Achieving high level of accuracy without any communication with external references like cell towers or satellites. Rugged, requires very little power and has no moving parts. Weatherproof enclosures are available.

Relevant applications include manned and unmanned vehicles (UV, UAV), robotics, weather buoys, antenna positioning, platform stabilization, marine navigation, excavation machinery, and irrigation equipment and more.

Current product offering includes PNI TCM, PNI Prime and True North Revolution series.


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True North Revolution 2X

The Revolution 2X is similar to True North’s standard Revolution electronic compass but with double the speed. The measurement cycle rate is 27.5 Hz, compared to 13.75 Hz for the standard Revolution. The electronic compass is fully compatible with existing PC software.

The range and resolution for all time-based parameters (tilt and magnetic filter time constants, sample time, etc.) is the same as for the standard Revolution: the range is 0 to 18.5 seconds, and resolution is 73 msec. All existing NMEA data rates are supported, and additional rates of 1650 and 2400 sentences per minute have been added. Existing serial baud rates are also supported, and an additional rate of 38,400 baud is provided.

True North Revolution GS

If your compass application involves vibration, acceleration, uneven terrain, or rough seas, you will find the True North Revolution GS electronic compass to be an uncompromising solution that will outperform rival units costing considerably more. The GS provides remarkably accurate heading, pitch, and roll in dynamic conditions. It all starts with a precision 3-axis solid-state magnetometer. Two angular rate gyros independently stabilize pitch and roll. They augment a dual-axis electrolytic tilt sensor that provides precise tilt measurements in static environments. Two sets of independent filters, one set for pitch and one for roll, combine gyro and electrolytic sensor measurements to provide the best available tilt measurements.

The recommended applications for the GS are manned and unmanned vehicles, robotics, weather buoys, antenna positioning, platform stabilization, marine navigation, excavation machinery, and irrigation equipment.

True North Revolution AV

The Revolution™ AV (TNT4000) is a strap-down electronic compass designed specifically for commercial, industrial and military users requiring high accuracy, repeatability, and low power consumption in dynamic environments.  The Revolution AV is the latest addition to True North’s family of Revolution electronic compasses that have an unparalleled reputation for quality and performance. An enhanced version of True NorthRevolution GS, the AV includes a full suite of precision, 3-axis, MEMS rotation rate, acceleration, and magnetic sensors and a dual-axis electrolytic tilt sensor (for the ultimate in near-level accuracy).  All 11 sensor measurements are calibrated over a -50° to 110°C temperature range and aligned in three dimensions.  In addition to azimuth output, all raw and calibrated measurements are available at up to 28 readings per second.

The AV’s sensor suite consists of the following: 3-axis angular rate gyros, 3-axisaccelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, 2-axis liquid eTilt sensor

The recommended applications for the AV are manned and unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles, but it can also be appropriate for robotics, weather buoys, antenna positioning, platform stabilization, excavation machinery, and irrigation equipment.  For cost sensitive applications, the rate gyros and eTilt are optional sensors that can be eliminated if not needed.

PNI FORT – Field OPS Remote Tracker

When GPS is unusable, FORT finds and tracks your dismounted warfighters with A-PNT positioning and navigation data.


Fort (Field Ops Remote Tracker) is a small, body-worn sensor-based module that tracks a dismounted soldier when GPS is contested, unavailable or spoofed.

Size: 50.7 x 30 x 15.35 mm

Weight: 22 g

Integrated Sensors: Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Pressure

Communication: BLE or USB to iOS device. Available on Android Q4, 2023

Customizable to mission

PNI PRIME – 3-axis digital compass module

The highest-performance 3-axis Compass module in its price range, PNI’s CompassPoint Prime provides pitch, roll and compass heading anywhere GPS is compromised or unavailable — underwater or underground, beneath bridges or inside buildings. The low-power consumption, low-cost CompassPoint Prime provides all-digital compass heading outputs accurate to 1 degree, can be calibrated to account for magnetic distortions, and offers several user-programmable parameters — including output damping, reporting units, and sampling configuration. Designed for flexibility and adaptability, it’s a perfect fit for sonobuoys, ROVs, AUVs, and cost-sensitive applications that require a full-featured 3-axis digital compass.


Key Features:

  • 2-AXIS
  • 3-AXIS
  • low power
  • Integrated processor
  • Hard and soft iron correction

PNI TCM – High performance compass modules

PNI recognizes there’s a difference between performing well in the factory and performing well in the field. The TCM’s advanced field calibration algorithms account for these differences by correcting for local magnetic distortions. Since applications may have physical constraints for doing calibration, the TCM provides four user-selectable calibration modes, as well as the ability to recalibrate the accelerometers to ensure long-term accuracy. The TCM’s measurement technology inherently ensures the module is free from offset drift and provides high measurement resolution, which is critically important at high and low latitudes where the dip angle (inclination) limits the usefulness of other compasses.

Key Features:

  • 2 -AXIS
  • 3 -AXIS
  • Low power
  • 3D orientation
  • Highest resolution
  • Highest accuracy
  • Hard and soft- iron
  • Correction
  • Integrated
  • Processor