WAAS/GPS Sensors

The FreeFlight family of WAAS/GPS and SBAS/GNSS receivers provide all of the data that an aircraft needs to operate in satellite- or space-based ATM environments. FreeFlight’s high performance, WAAS/GPS and SBAS/GNSS receivers are inexpensive, easy to install, and meet all requirements for NextGen applications.

FreeFlight’s SBAS/GNSS receivers are currently in service in multiple aircraft types ranging from airline transport, to military, through rotorcraft and general aviation platforms. These receivers are characterized by high performance, ease of installation, and operational reliability and longevity


SBAS/GNSS 1201 Sensor

The 1201 provides a compact, lightweight package. It has the proud distinction of being the first SBAS/GNSS receiver to receive FAA TSO authorization, and has been the position source on multiple ADS-B “firsts.”

  • Intuitive – upon configuration, unit begins outputting data as soon as power is applied
  • Certified to TSO-C145a
  • STC approved for multiple applications including ADS-B and TAWS position source
  • Pairs with ADS-B capable transponders to provide rule compliance – via RS-232 interface
  • We keep you flying – backed by an industry leading warranty and excellent customer support

SBAS/GNSS 1203C Sensor

The 1203C’s high performance 15-channel GPS engine offers advanced interference protection and quick update rates. The unit can be located in either the aircraft equipment bay or under the aircraft skin (ARINC 743 alternate mounting scheme) – in close proximity to the antenna to minimize coaxial cable runs.

To achieve ADS-B compliance in retrofit applications, the 1203C can be connected to a rule compliant transponder to provide a complete ADS-B solution – no integrations with the aircraft navigation or FMS is required.

  • Designed for business, regional, airline transport, and heavy rotary wing aircraft
  • Certified to TSO-C145c
  • Multiple STCs for ADS-B and TAWS position source and CPDLC timing source
  • ARINC 743A/B I/O
  • Meets position source requirements for Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and other L-NAV operations
  • We keep you flying – backed by an industry leading warranty and excellent customer support