RF Passive Components

Our passive microwave components offering consists a complete line of high performance RF products including adapters, attenuators, couplers, circulators, dc blocks, power dividers, terminations, special products and more.  


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RF Filters types

RF filters are a key component in practically any signal chain. Depending on the application, it is an essential component in order to filter out noise and unwanted signals, limit a transmit signal in order to prevent interfering with other signals or isolate channels in a transceiver.


  • Ceramic filters
  • Mono-block filters
  • Cavity filters up to 40GHz
  • Helical filters
  • Crystal filters
  • SAW filters 
  • WG filters
  • LC filters

RF Low, High and Ultra-Wide Band pass filters

Up to 110GHz filter components and band pass filters, low pass filters and high pass filters used in broadband RF & Microwave and communication systems.



  • Frequency range: From 0.2 up to 110GHz.
  • Bandwidth: up to full waveguide bandwidth
  • Insertion Loss: 0.1 to 1 dB
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 typ


Spacek Labs offers both custom and standard designed active and passive multipliers in a frequency range of 10 to 110 GHz.  MIL-Spec or Space-Qualified units are also available.


The active multiplier line includes 2 thru 8 times multiplication factors operating all the way through W-band. The passive multiplier line utilizes variable-resistance Schottky barrier diodes as the non-linear element to create multiplication factors of 2 thru 4 times. All passive multipliers are of balanced configuration to suppress undesired harmonics, unconditionally stable for any input/output VSWR and they cover complete waveguide bandwidths.


Multipliers are available in:

  • Full Band & Sub-Band Active Multipliers
  • High Power Multipliers, Passive Multipliers

Standard Features:

  • 10 to 110 GHz
  • Balanced Circuitry
  • Compact Size
  • Removable coaxial Connectors or Waveguide Flanges
  • Modular Design
Broadband Detectors

Broadband Detectors

Spacek Labs broadband detectors are extremely rugged and compact and can also be used as harmonic mixers to extend frequency counters to 110 GHz.


By Combining a conventional waveguide technology with planar techniques, Spacek Labs detector offers a full waveguide bandwidth detector that utilizes a zero bias GaAs beam lead diode or GaAs beam lead mixer diode.

Standard Features:

  • RF Bandwidth: Full Waveguide Bandwidths from 18 to 110 GHz
  • Sensitivity: 1500 to 3000 mV/mW (typ)
  • Flatness: ± 1.5 dB (max)
  • Input/Output: Waveguide Flange/SMA(F)
  • Polarity: Positive or Negative
  • Input Power: +18 dBm max
  • Tangential Sensitivity: -45 dBm in a 2 MHz video BW
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +85°C


High quality compact size Circulators. The circulator is commonly used as a duplexer for transceiver subsystems where the transmitter and receiver ports share a single antenna port.
Our Circulators cover  a range of 60MHz to 100GHz, and are available in drop-in type, connectorized coaxial type, microstrip type and waveguide types. We also offer customized products to meet customers’ special requirement.


High quality ,compact size Isolators . The isolator is an ideal device where the port isolation is required.
Our Isolators cover a range of 60MHz to 100GHz, and are available in drop-in type, connectorized coaxial type, microstrip type and waveguide types. Customized products are available upon request.


RF power splitters/combiners in coaxial connector, surface mount, and rack mount housings for 50 and 75Ω systems. Utilizing core & wire, microstrip, stripline, semiconductor, and LTCC technologies. All Combiners models provide low insertion loss, high isolation, excellent VSWR -and 2,3,4,5 Way.


Directional and bi-directional RF couplers are designed for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications. Our low-cost surface mount models include LTCC designs as small as 1206 with low insertion loss and high directivity, while high-power surface mount designs offer power handling up to 100W.  Our extensive selection of coaxial connectorized couplers includes models with power handling up to 250W and a variety of packages featuring SMA, BNC, Type N, and TNC connectors , up to 65KW.


A wide range of high stability Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) solutions, from highly stable products for mass volume consumer applications through to industry leading ultra-stable products for more demanding applications.


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TMYTEK’s mmWave balance to unbalance transformer is made to convert a differential signal to a single ended signal and vice versa, which is functionally equivalent to a 180˚ hybrid.


It operates in the frequency range of 11 to 16 GHz providing superior amplitude balance, phase balance, insertion loss and isolation. Our  baluns are available as connectorized modules.

Bias Tees

TMYTEK’s bias tee offers the ability to apply or detect a DC voltage on a RF signal for frequency coverages up to 50 GHz.

Covers the high frequency bands for mmWave applications. Advantages include low insertion loss, excellent return loss between the RF and the common ports as well as superior power handling for both the DC and the RF port. Packaged in connectorized modules.

DC Blocks

DC blocks offer the ability to prevent (or block) the flow of direct current (DC) frequencies to RF signals.


TMYTEK’s DC blocks are made with great precision for frequency coverages up to 50 GHz at the same time providing low insertion loss, high blockage and superior DC power handling. Available in different RF connector sizes for direct coaxial connections, including SMA connector, 2.92 mm (or K) connector and 2.4 mm (or V) connector. Made to cover the different frequency bands for various mmWave applications.

Antenna-in-Package (AiP)

In high frequency RF applications, the antenna must be close to the beamforming circuit as much as possible to reduce the path losses.


Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology turns into an elegant solution widely used in gesture sensors, automobile radars, phased array or even at high frequency imaging sensors and wireless links.

  • standard surface-mounted device integrates antenna or antennas along with transceiver dies
  • Spectrums cover Ka/K/Ku bands, also available are 60 and 77GHz options
  • Ideal for satellite, ground terminals, smartphones, base station, CPEs and more
  • 4×4/ 8×8 and custom antenna arrays are available
  • IC module integrates 4×4 slot antenna elements and 4 of beamforming chips
  • IF-ready 8×8 PCB based AiP with mixer and doubler
  • larger array can be formed by repeating multiple modules