GPS/GNSS Systems

Trimble offers a broad range of GPS and GNSS solutions to meet the requirements of your farming operations. By combining advanced technologies with rugged designs, Trimble’s variety of radios, receivers, and base stations can deliver maximum performance in most terrain types.


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The latest in base station and stand-alone receiver technology available. An industry-leading 220 channels for robust, unrivaled GNSS constellation tracking. Supports a wide range of satellite signals, including GPS and GLONASS signals. Capable of tracking the experimental Galileo GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B test satellite s for signal evaluation and test purposes.

GLONASS unlocked as a standard offering;the 450 MHz versions include the new wide- band radio that operates in the 430-470 MHz frequency range. Available in three configurations: fixed base station, mobile base station, and rover receiver.

  • 220-channel dual-frequency GNSS technology
  • GLONASS standard on all configurations
  • Integrated 900 or 450 MHz radio
  • Illuminated front display
  • L2C & L5 GPS support

AG-372 GNSS receiver

High-performance GPS and GLONASS smart antenna receiver designed specifically for agriculture applications. Capable of tracking up to 44 simultaneous satellites while utilizing up to 220 total channels from multiple GNSS constellations. Its GNSS receiver and dual- frequency antenna are integrated into one unit for simple installation.

DUnmatched accuracy and performance in a rugged unit that is able to stand up to harsh conditions typically found in farming environments. Best suited for precision agriculture solutions that do not already include a display with an integrated high-performance GNSS receiver such as the Trimble FmX® integrated display and the Trimble CFX-750™ display.

  • GPS and GLONASS compatible
  • Supports most correction services:
  • Trimble CenterPoint™ RTK, VRS™, and RTX™ services
  • OmniSTAR HP, XP, and G2

AgGPS 162 GPS receiver

High-performance GPS and SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) receiver and integrated antenna in a single rugged housing for agriculture applications.
Features Trimble Transcend™ positioning technology, which provides users with high accuracy and flexible solutions for the most challenging applications and environments. This technology is shared across multiple Trimble platforms from current lightbars and DGPS receivers to our high-performance GNSS products.

  • Exclusive OnPath® advanced filter technology for improved pass-to-pass
  • Radar speed output for replacement of ground speed radar on the vehicle or to accuracies even with the absence of SBAS signals send speed to any other agricultural device that requires speed pulses
  • Bright LEDs for indication of power and DGPS status
  • Portable rugged housing with built-in magnets for simple transfers between vehicles
  • Futuristic ergonomics for a smooth and obstruction-free installation
  • Accuracy of ± 8 to 12 inch pass-to-pass