Water Level Monitoring

Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade water level monitoring solutions for cities and businesses to cost-effectively manage and monitor the water level in drainage and sewage systems.  The system provides an early alert when the water goes above certain (multiple) levels and helps to take an action while there is still time before it floods. Moreover, the system can assist in finding the exact segment location where there is a blockage in the system.

The solution is composed of:

  • Water Level Octopus Sensor with up to 3 tentacles each with a float at its’ edge that will be fixed in different heights
  • Applications which allows you to monitor the status of your drainage and/or sewage systems as reflected by the Octopus sensors deployment

The solution’s benefits:

  • Understand the water level behavior in your drainage and/or sewage systems
  • Get an early indication when the water level is rising and their real time height to allow an action on time before the actual flood is happening:
    • Open blockages
    • Provide a warning to the tenants of that area
  • When the system is blocked, easily locate the blocked segment between two Octopus sensors


The solution can best benefit to:

  • Municipalities and Local authorities
  • Large businesses / Factories / Industrial parks / Campuses / Universities / Hospitals
  • Etc’


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Sensoneo Octopus sensor is an enterprise class device intended as overflow warning system. It measures water level in a manhole. It’s fully adjustable for different depths. Thanks to adjustable water level indicators (tentacles), Octopus can detect up to 3 different thresholds . When water level rises and reaches one of water level indicators (tentacles), you will receive immediate warning.

If water levels are calm, sensor sends one maintenance message a day just for the record.

Octopus overflow sensor may operate fully independent on GSM network. Additionally, the sensor measures temperature. The sensor is powered by replaceable batteries which frequently inform the operator about their capacity.

Octopus sensor consist of 3 parts:

Central unit processes the signal from water level indicators (tentacles). It secures communication with Sensoneo backend system via GSM network via external antenna.

Water level indicators (up to 3 pcs) detect rising water level. They are placed using a mounting tube at a different levels (thresholds) within the manhole. Each indicator (tentacle) is a threshold. Once the water rises to the threshold (tentacle), Octopus sends a warning.

Main Features:

  • Real-time monitoring of up to 3 water levels’ heights
  • Operating Temperature:  -30⁰C – +70⁰C
  • Readings / Transmissions: once a day for keep-alive and real-time event driven for water level
  • Connectivity: GSM / SMS
  • Power Supply: Internal replaceable batteries, 2 x 3.6V 13Ah
  • Enclosure: central unit IP65, indicators IP68
  • Dimensions: central unit – 56mm x 190mm x 82mm; indicators – 40mm x 100mm x 80mm; tentacles length – up to 5m
  • Weight: 650g


The water level management tools suite is composed of several tools each provides the user with different views and features that helps to monitor, analyze and plan the operation based on real-time sensors’ data.

Included tools are:

  • Smart Water Level Management System – WMS:
    A powerful enterprise grade cloud based management and provisioning platform enabling end customers to monitor, manage and configure the sensors’ status in the drainage and sewage systems. It includes dashboards that displays the sensors on a map with their status and much more.
    The application is part of the solution and is available for customer’s managers as a web-based application, as well as an Android tablet version.
  • Smartphone App:
    Provides an access to data from the sensors via a free mobile app by Sensoneo. The app displays the last reading of the sensors.