Wireless Enhancement

Wide range of repeater products provide total solutions for mobile networks from coverage of blind spots to the implementation of integrated coverage systems. The deployment of repeaters will effectively optimize network efficiency by centralizing/redirecting traffic capacity, enhancing power budget and increasing network roll out time and time to market.

Key Features and Highlights:

  • Compliant to all major technologies including GSM (EDGE), WCDMA (HSPA), LTE, CDMA-IS95,CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, iDEN and TETRA
  • Large variety of products for all kinds of applications and areal conditions
  • Supports various output power from 0.01w to 320w
  • Complete OMT and OMC software for total control and management
  • Built-in wireless modem for remote control and monitoring
  • Automatic oscillation monitoring
  • Automatic Level Control
  • Widely deployed and market proven with more than 250,000 units deployed globally


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Indoor Repeater

For indoor operation in the required band. Designed primarily for network coverage within residential apartments, offices, lifts and small tunnels. Band-specific linear amplifier and IF filtering effectively amplify the desired BTS carriers and provide superior out-of-band rejection. Complete local and remote control & monitoring function is possible via PC or wireless modem with the OMT or OMC. The repeater comes in a sealed, well-ventilated cast aluminum enclosure and is suitable for indoor and sheltered outdoor environment.

Mini Indoor Repeater

Designed for indoor operations. A bi-directional amplifier that is used to enhance signal strength in small-and-medium-sized areas in a network. The system gain is compensated automatically according to the temperature variation within the enclosure, which ensures stable operation under ambient temperature functions. It is best suitable for provision of signal coverage within offices and residential apartments.

Inline Booster

Designed for indoor operation in a desired band. Suitable primarily for amplifying RF signal levels in Distributed Antenna System (DAS), hence extending the system link budget. Centralized remote control and monitoring system provides remote configuration and surveillance function via wireless modem to the OMT/OMC. Internal Li-ion backup battery ensures alarm signals to be sent out in the event of power failure. The booster comes in a completely sealed, cast aluminum enclosure and is suitable for indoor environment.

Outdoor repeater

Designed for outdoor operation in the required band. Band-specific linear amplifier and filter effectively amplifies the desired BTS signal and provides superior out-of-band rejection. Remote configuration and surveillance is possible through Comba’s remote control and monitoring system, via PC or wireless modem to the OMC. The repeater comes in a completely sealed, well-ventilated cast aluminum enclosure, suitable for all weather conditions.

TMA system

TMA system consists of 3 main components: tower mounted amplifier, bias -T, power distribution & management making it a cost-effective solution for enhancing wireless networks coverage. Comba’s comprehensive TMA solutions for 800/900/1800/2100MHz wireless networks provide uplink amplification, supporting both uplink and downlink channels.

With high performance, low-noise amplifiers built-in, TMA solutions can create a balanced Downlink (DL) and Uplink (UL) by improving base station receiver sensitivity.

In 3G networks, Comba’s TMA can be used to reduce Uplink (UL) noise rise and hence increase Uplink (UL) capacity. The improved receiver sensitivity means a reduction in handset (Ue) transmit power and longer handset battery life.

Digital Fiber Optical Repeater

An integrated solution for coverage enhancement. Consists of Digital Access Unit (DAU) and Digital Remote Unit (DRU). With digitized IF and high IP3 linearization technology, this system largely lowers the requirement of isolation between antennas. Supports all kinds of connection methods between DAU and DRU.

The DRU’s fully weatherized enclosure with the built-in AC power surge arrestor allows product installation at any outdoor environment and powered by exposed power lines. This solution provides effective coverage enhancement.

Suitable for applications such as citywide enhancement, highway and canyons, campus, underground tunnels, airports and convention centers, etc.

Indoor Low Power DAS

An integrated solution for coverage enhancement. The system consists of the Master Unit (MU) and Remote Unit (RU). The MU’s modular design can support up to four RUs by additional optical module.
The Remote Unit includes a compact chassis for easy indoor installation and is modularly designed so that each unit can accommodate up to four independent bands.

Flexible and scalable solution of multi-band, multi-operator coverage extension applications, such as a campus, mega mall, sports arena to a large city center and beyond.

Outdoor High Power DAS

An integrated solution for coverage enhancement. The system consists of the Master Unit (MU) and Remote Unit (RU). The RU is an integrated RF unit that can support a single system of up to three frequency bands. In addition, the modular designed system can be easily configured for optical fiber distributed application by adding MU and RU. The MU can support up to four RUs by adding additional optical module.

This solution provides flexible and scalable solution of multi-band, multi-operator coverage extension applications, such as citywide enhancement, highway, canyons, campus, underground tunnels, airports and convention centers, etc.