Enhancing Cellular Communication

Indoor Repeater

For indoor operation in the required band. Designed primarily for network coverage within residential apartments, offices, lifts and small tunnels. Band-specific linear amplifier and IF filtering effectively amplify the desired BTS carriers and provide superior out-of-band rejection. Complete local and remote control & monitoring function is possible via PC or wireless modem with the OMT or OMC. The repeater comes in a sealed, well-ventilated cast aluminum enclosure and is suitable for indoor and sheltered outdoor environment.

Mini Indoor Repeater

Designed for indoor operations. A bi-directional amplifier that is used to enhance signal strength in small-and-medium-sized areas in a network. The system gain is compensated automatically according to the temperature variation within the enclosure, which ensures stable operation under ambient temperature functions. It is best suitable for provision of signal coverage within offices and residential apartments.

Inline Booster

Designed for indoor operation in a desired band. Suitable primarily for amplifying RF signal levels in Distributed Antenna System (DAS), hence extending the system link budget. Centralized remote control and monitoring system provides remote configuration and surveillance function via wireless modem to the OMT/OMC. Internal Li-ion backup battery ensures alarm signals to be sent out in the event of power failure. The booster comes in a completely sealed, cast aluminum enclosure and is suitable for indoor environment.

Outdoor repeater

Designed for outdoor operation in the required band. Band-specific linear amplifier and filter effectively amplifies the desired BTS signal and provides superior out-of-band rejection. Remote configuration and surveillance is possible through Comba’s remote control and monitoring system, via PC or wireless modem to the OMC. The repeater comes in a completely sealed, well-ventilated cast aluminum enclosure, suitable for all weather conditions.

TMA system

TMA system consists of 3 main components: tower mounted amplifier, bias -T, power distribution & management making it a cost-effective solution for enhancing wireless networks coverage. Comba’s comprehensive TMA solutions for 800/900/1800/2100MHz wireless networks provide uplink amplification, supporting both uplink and downlink channels.

With high performance, low-noise amplifiers built-in, TMA solutions can create a balanced Downlink (DL) and Uplink (UL) by improving base station receiver sensitivity.

In 3G networks, Comba’s TMA can be used to reduce Uplink (UL) noise rise and hence increase Uplink (UL) capacity. The improved receiver sensitivity means a reduction in handset (Ue) transmit power and longer handset battery life.

Digital Fiber Optical Repeater

An integrated solution for coverage enhancement. Consists of Digital Access Unit (DAU) and Digital Remote Unit (DRU). With digitized IF and high IP3 linearization technology, this system largely lowers the requirement of isolation between antennas. Supports all kinds of connection methods between DAU and DRU.

The DRU’s fully weatherized enclosure with the built-in AC power surge arrestor allows product installation at any outdoor environment and powered by exposed power lines. This solution provides effective coverage enhancement.

Suitable for applications such as citywide enhancement, highway and canyons, campus, underground tunnels, airports and convention centers, etc.

Indoor Low Power DAS

An integrated solution for coverage enhancement. The system consists of the Master Unit (MU) and Remote Unit (RU). The MU’s modular design can support up to four RUs by additional optical module.
The Remote Unit includes a compact chassis for easy indoor installation and is modularly designed so that each unit can accommodate up to four independent bands.

Flexible and scalable solution of multi-band, multi-operator coverage extension applications, such as a campus, mega mall, sports arena to a large city center and beyond.

Outdoor High Power DAS

An integrated solution for coverage enhancement. The system consists of the Master Unit (MU) and Remote Unit (RU). The RU is an integrated RF unit that can support a single system of up to three frequency bands. In addition, the modular designed system can be easily configured for optical fiber distributed application by adding MU and RU. The MU can support up to four RUs by adding additional optical module.

This solution provides flexible and scalable solution of multi-band, multi-operator coverage extension applications, such as citywide enhancement, highway, canyons, campus, underground tunnels, airports and convention centers, etc.

Repeater and Microcell Antenna

Yagi antennas- adapted for outdoor sectorized point-to-point coverage applications. Can also be used as a repeater donor antenna with highly directional antenna arrays.

Parabolic Antennas – feature high gain and good F/B ratio which make them best suited as donor antennas for repeater cells.

Corner Reflector Antennas- use log-periodic elements and are designed with light weight slotted reflectors that feature very high F/B ratio and narrow horizontal beamwidth. This minimizes interference from adjacent cells when used as a repeater donor antenna.

Base Station Antennas

Directional Panel Antennas – include single, dual and multi-band with vertical or cross-polarized, and fixed or variable electrical tilt. These antennas are cost-effective and come with beam-shaped features to improve the coverage for urban and sub-urban areas, while minimizing spillage outside of cell radius.

Tri-sector Directional Antennas – combine three wide band antennas under a single radome hence reduce visual impact of antennas and minimize sitting issues such as site approval, space limitations, and aesthetics issues. Maximizes the coverage footprint whilst minimizing site space occupied by the 3- sector antenna system.

Omni Directional Antennas – aesthetically designed and best suited for providing coverage in remote areas where capacity is relatively low, such as in small towns and rural areas.

Indoor antennas

Indoor antennas feature broadband design from 670MHz up to 2700MHz. They can be camouflaged and/or aesthetically pleasing for indoor installations in a distributed antenna system. They are compact in size, light-weight and easy to install.

Camouflage Antenna

Camouflage antenna solution for mobile operators that adopt integrated design and additional radome approach to achieve camouflage effect on antenna, feeder, pole as well as equipment. Solutions cover all major telecom networks such as GSM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA and WCDMA and suitable for BTS, repeater and IBS system application. So far, more than 10 thousand of Comba’s camouflage antennas are being deployed worldwide, effectively solving site selection/network rollout problems for operators and make an outstanding contribution to a more eco-friendly society.

Camouflage antennas are widely used in:

Outdoor marco coverage ground/roof solution

Outdoor marco coverage building wall solution

Indoor coverage solution

Residental area coverage solution

Multi-Band Combiner / POI

From antenna to base station, Comba offers a complete suite of filters, combiners, power splitters and couplers for Common Antenna System (CAS) and RF network optimization.
Multi-Band Combiner or POI (Point-Of-Interface) is designed for cost effective antenna sharing solution for outdoor and indoor applications. The combiner is customized to combine specific frequency spectrums without incurring high insertion loss compared with using conventional couplers and power dividers. This allows Operators to integrate their frequencies into a common antenna system with greater ease and efficiency. Wide range of combiner product includes diplexer, triplexer, and quad- band combiner for 2G /3G /LTE system.

Comba POI is built with high quality filters that handle high input power, good isolation between bands and low insertion loss. This product is widely used in places such as convention centers, exhibition halls, airports, underground tunnels and other large buildings where common antenna system are usually deployed.

Passive components

Our range of passive components is designed using high performance filter to provide reliable and cost effective solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Such couplers and power dividers are commonly used in in-building solutions and for co-location of antenna.

  • Wideband design to enable feeder sharing between multi systems
  • High isolation minimizes interference
  • Good PIM performance
  • High power handling and low loss maximizes system performance
  • Outdoor combiner comes with optional DC bypass for use with Tower Mounted Amplifier or AISG line devices and is available as a single unit or double unit

In addition, Comba also produces interference rejection filters. These filters can be used at the transmission or the receiver end for:

  • Increasing isolation of transmitters
  • Reducing 3rd Order Interference (IM3) and side-band noise to prevent receiver blocking
  • Reducing spurious emissions

Microwave Indoor Units (IDU)

Comba Digital Microwave System allows transmission links to be established rapidly and easily to meet a variety of transmission needs, brings cost savings and helps rapid network rollout.

  • Technology for PDH, IP and hybrid solution
  • Payload up to 700Mbps in 2+0 mode
  • Supports modulation schemes of QPSK to 256QAM
  • Versatile 3.5-56MHz bandwidth
  • Capacity configurable and upgradeable
  • Supports SNMP management protocol
  • 1+0 and 2+0
  • Built-in testing functions to facilitate commissioning and troubleshooting

Microwave Couplers/Hybrids

Microwave couplers/hybrids are 3-port microwave waveguide systems that split the input power into two parts, hence enabling the simultaneous operation of two outdoor radio units (ODUs) and realizing the two independent transmission channels on a single antenna at the same time.

Microwave Antennas

Key Features:

Low Profile Antennas

Ultra-High Performance Antennas

Size: 0.3m-2.4m

Frequency: 6GHz-38GHz

High product quality

Single and dual polarized

Easy upgrade in field

Shorter lead time

Simple installation

Customized Antenna: LPC series can be provided with a customer designed adaption for the ODU. This allows the ODU to be directly mounted to the antenna.

Wireless Access – Small Cells

Innovative Small Cell portfolio includes the Small Cell gateway, management system and enterprise and home access points for 2G/3G/4G. Based around IP and SON architecture, the Small Cell system offers the full functionality of a traditional base station while requiring only a power outlet and an internet connection, allowing you to deliver a great user experience and add capacity to in-building and remote venues with maximum simplicity and minimum cost.

Wireless Access – Wi-Fi Solutions

Feature-rich and cost effective wireless broadband solutions to MMO, WISP and Enterprise customers that fullfill the requirements of various application scenarios. A complete Wi-Fi product portfolio including Access Point, Access Controller, Wireless Bridge, PoE Switch and etc. Features superior performance, reliability, scalability, easy deployment and effective management.

Microwave Outdoor Units (ODU)

The ODUs are technically advanced, highly reliable and very cost effective.

Key Features:

  • 6-38GHz frequency bands available
  • Supports QPSK and 16 to 256QAM
  • Option: standard output power and high output power
  • 3.5-56MHz RF channel bandwidths
  • Designed to meet FCC, ETSI and CE safety and emission standards
  • Supports popular ITU-R standards and frequency recommendations
  • Very high frequency stability (+/-2.5 ppm)
  • Compact and handy design
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +65°C)