AC Surge Protection

Our AC surge protection products line by Transtector, a global leader in lightning protection, is engineered to meet IEC, IEEE, ANSI and NEC standards. These products come in 120 Vac single phase, 240 Vac single phase, 120/240 split phase, 240/415 Vac 3-phase wye, 220/380 Vac 3-phase wye, 277/480 Vac 3-phase wye and 480 3-phase delta.

Transtector AC surge protection products are available in wall mount, rack mount, panel mount and DIN rail mount. The AC surge protection product line incorporate proprietary non-degrading, fast acting, high performance silicon avalanche suppressor diodes (SASD) and robust MOV technology for high current surge protection.

Our product offering includes the Transtector DR Suppression Devices series, the MCP SPD series,  Apex Suppression Modules Series, I2R standard Arrestors Series , I2R SA DIN-RAIL SPD Series, I2R ICP Surge Protector Series, I2R 75K DIN RAIL Device Series and I2R T240 Modular Surge Protection Devices Series and more.  Additional product lines are available covering 120-220VAc , 600-750Vac and EMP.

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The DR Suppression Devices Series

The DR Series includes DIN rail mounted AC surge suppression devices with replaceable suppression modules used to protect electronic equipment and systems from transient over-voltages.

The DR Series offers bipolar bi-directional Silicon Avalanche Suppressor Diode technology, and is installed in parallel with the load. The replaceable suppression module may be removed from the base without interrupting power to the protected circuit, and features visual status indication.

Key Features:

  • Tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.45 \ C62.41
  • Replaceable modules
  • Visual status indication
  • UL 94-V0
  • DIN base offers WAGO cage clamp connections



The MCP Series of AC voltage surge suppressors (SPD) is available in panel, DIN-Rail or brick style. This SPD utilizes state of the art SASD/MOV technology to protect critical equipment that operates on a 120/240 Vac split-phase electrical service. This surge protector provides effective protection against electrical transient surges that are generated both by external lightning events and by internal switching events and supports long-term system reliability by safely shunting high amounts of transient energy while maintaining a very low clamping voltage.

Key Features:

  • SASD/MOV Protection
  • Power and Suppression Status LEDs
  • Dry Contact Remote Annunciation Wire Leads
  • Wall Mount

Apex Suppression modules Series

The Apex Series Transient Voltage Surge Suppression modules limit the high speed, high voltage transients to 120% of the line level on AC electrical services.
The suppressor have indicators and optional remote annunciation circuits for status monitoring. The Apex Series allows the configuration of the suppressor to fit any AC voltage from 120V to 240V, single or three phases. Each card operates line-to-neutral or line-to line depending on the system to be protected.

Key Features:

  • SASD or SASD/MOV Hybrid Protection
  • Power and Suppression Status LEDs
  • Dry Contact Remote Annunciation Wire Leads
  • Available as Suppression Modules (indoor) or in NEMA 4X Enclosure (outdoor)
  • UL 94-5V

The I2R standard Arrestors Series

The I2R DIN Rail arrestors product line is designed for use in global applications. It is equally able to be DIN rail mounted or simply fastened to any surface via two (or more) bolt flanges on each base.

The I2R product line can suppress transients line-to-line, line-to neutral or common mode and is available in SASD (for sensitive electronic power systems) or SASD and MOV (for power systems that require backup).

The relay contacts have 3000 V of isolation and are provided with Euro-style terminal plug.

Available in advanced AC DIN rail mount, hardwire non-degrading, low-clamping silicon surge protection for 240/415 or 220/380 wye configuration with remote status monitoring (dry contact relay) and enclosure.


Key Features:

  • MOV and SASD Surge Protection
  • Single and 3 phases options
  • Visual Suppression Status Indicator
  • Dry Contact Remote Annunciation Terminals
  • Replaceable Suppression Modules
  • DIN-Rail Mount \ Bolt flanges


I2R SA DIN-Rail SPD Series

The I2R SA series, an IEC61643-11 Class II DIN-Rail style SPD, utilizes state of the art MOV or Hybrid MOV /GDT technologies to provides up to 150KA protection for critical equipment that operates on AC power grids.

Key Features:

  • Available in Single Phase, Three-Phase WYE, Delta
  • High Capacity MOV Protection
  • MOV and Hybrid MOV /GDT Protection Options
  • Visual Suppression Status Indicator
  • Dry Contact Remote Annunciation Terminals
  • DIN-Rail Mount

The I2R ICP Surge Protectors Series

The I2R ICP series is offered in both DC and AC versions. Each device is a single phase, hardwire surge protector recognized to UL 497B (DC products), UL 1449 (I2R ICP 120Vac SASD) and CE certified.

Devices are not polarity sensitive and may be DIN rail mounted or simply fastened to any surface via the screw mount option on the base.

Remote status capability (RSC) is available on DC models.

Key Features:

  • MOV or SASD Surge Protection
  • Visual Suppression Status Indicator
  • Replaceable Suppression Modules
  • DIN-Rail Mount

The I2R 75K DIN Rail Device Series

The I2R 75K series of modular DIN Rail AC Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are ideal for industrial communications, public safety, security as well as automation and control applications where UL Type 1 and Type 2 requirements are needed.
Available configurations for all standard electrical service applications up to 690 Vac, including single phase, split phase, delta and three phase WYE. and are UL 1449 4th Edition approved.
Network safety and reliability are built into the I2R 75K series. Featuring safe-fail protection design, the I2R SPD couples a high short circuit rating with thermally protected MOV, which eliminates the need for additional back up fusing.


Key Features:

  • Safe-fail, self-protected design
  • No additional overcurrent protection devices or back up fusing required
  • Reverse chassis direction capability allows cable entry from top to bottom
  • Remote visual status indication
  • IP 20 finger-safe design
  • Available in Single Phase, Split-Phase, Three-Phase WYE, Delta and High-Leg Delta
  • Compact DIN Rail mounted SPD easy to install or retrofit
  • 75 kA surge capacity against both high energy transients and long-term exposure to harsh electrical environments.

I2R T240 Modular Surge Protection Devices Series

The I2R T240 series of modular AC Surge Protection Devices are designed to CE, RU and UL standards and engineered for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and automation control applications in accordance with EN/IEC 61643-11 and UL 1449.
Designed to protect critical equipment in harsh environments that are at risk for induced lightning threats, the I2R T240 series of combined Type 2/Class II devices are ideal for TNS, TNC, TT networks.

Key Features:

  • Induced lightning maximum current 40 kA per phase
  • Nominal discharge current 20 kA per phase
  • Reverse chassis direction capability allows cable entry from top to bottom
  • Visual and remote end of life indicators to ensure your network is always online
  • Compact DIN Rail mounted SPD easy to install or retrofit
  • Coded modules ensure safe and error free replacement

Rackmount AC Surge protected PDU

The AC Rack mount power distribution units (also known as PDU) are available in 2RU / 3RU, accept a 240 Vac single-phase feed and distribute power to individual loads via IEC-C13 outlets.


Equipped with state-of-the-art SASD or MOV surge protection that provides lightning protection for downstream equipment to support long-term system reliability.

  • Up to 12x Breaker
  • Status LEDs
  • SASD or MOV Replaceable Suppression Modules
  • Passive Cooling
  • 19” or 23”, 2/3RU Rack Mounts
  • Remote Alarm Capabilities (NONC)
  • AC Power Distribution Panel is Scalable for up to Twelve Dedicated Circuits (1A to 10A) Using 220-240 Vac per Phase (60A per Phase Maximum) Distribution
  • 120AC options are available

NEMA / IP – rated equipment enclosures

A comprehensive line of outdoor NEMA\ IP-rated equipment enclosures that includes various materials options like ABS, Fiberglass, Polycarbonate, Stainless and Mild (Carbon) Steel.


Ideal for basic indoor applications as well as extreme outdoor conditions, IP66, including harsh and corrosive environments.
Applications: Wireless networks, small cells, utility, industrial, EMI/RF-sensitive locations, and more.

Main Features:

  • High-impact, UV resistant construction
  • Stainless steel latch with padlock eye
  • NEMA 4X & 3R configuration options
  • Fully gasketed lid in unvented and vented configurations
  • Includes wall mounting brackets
  • Wide selection of heating, cooling, or heating & cooling options
  • Option for pre-installed surge arrestors or POE injectors
  • Suitable options for every budget