Industrial Sensors

Endless amounts of data are available in real-time today, whether from machines, objects, customers, or suppliers. This fact is the key to success for many businesses. Nietzsche NHR wireless sensors and Sentrol cloud control solutions become the industry standard because of its simple, intuitive, reliable and rapid return on investment quality for security, safety and environment monitoring.



STH-03ZB ZigBee Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor w/ Battery

The STH-03ZB is a high accuracy temperature and humidity dual sensor with built-in wireless capability, which makes it a powerful tool to integrate with your current temperature and humidity control system. Its wireless capability and battery-powered feature makes scalability and installation easy and intuitive without stressing over unnecessary construction work during installation. The major users of this sensor are building/home automation system integrators, researchers associated with precision control, precision agriculture and greenhouses owners, museum temperature and humidity management system integrators…etc.


Features & Benefits:

Built-in High accuracy MEMS temperature and humidity sensor element making the unit not only for observation, but also applicable in precision control.

Wireless transmitting means easy scalability when the user wants to add new observation nodes. Wireless transmitting means the installation of this unit can avoid unnecessary construction work and the unacceptable dust from construction work.

Two AA batteries which can last for one year or more means easy installation and maintenance.

ZigBee Home Automation Profile compliant means the device is compatible with other ZigBee HA certified receivers that adds the flexibility for user to choose from.

Temperature and humidity calibration via OTA (Over-the-air) using QuickView software.


STH-M02ZB ZigBee Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The STH-M02ZB Temperature and Humidity Sensor is from the ZigBee Wireless family and can be installed into the ZigBee System network. The STH-M02ZB measures the air temperature and the relative humidity in the location and transmits data wirelessly to a PC or Laptop. The data can be viewed on software called QuickView, where the user can monitor and analyze it.

The STH-M02ZB is suitable for homes, office buildings, schools, libraries, warehouses, museums, greenhouses, etc.

Features & Benefits:

■ Wireless data transfer via ZigBee

■ Powered by DC 5V Micro USB Adapter

■ Supports QuickView data software for real time monitoring, data export saving and editing

■ Uses Star, Tree, and Mesh network topologies

■ HA Profile Compliant




SPM-06 ZigBee Wireless IoT motion sensor

The SPM06 is an east to use IoT motion sensor, The motion detector can quickly integrated into your home automation system for security or light control, The SPM06 functions as an end device and is compliant with IoT HA profile which allows you to easily join the motion detector with other routers and coordinators.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact Size
  • Easy Installation
  • Energy saving device, CR2032 button battery which can last over 1 year
  • Simple to integrate with the ZigBee Smart Home Security System
  • HA Profile Compliant.

WZB-SGB02 ZigBee Wireless Glass Break Detector

The WZB-SGB02 Glass Break Detector is from the ZigBee Wireless family and can be easily installed and integrated into the ZigBee security systems that are applicable to devices using Digital protocol. The WZB-SGB02 is an End Device and is compliant with ZigBee Wireless network communication with routers and coordinators. The versatility of the WZB-SGB02 Glass Break Detector reduces overhead, thus lowering R&D costs and reducing development schedules.


Features & Benefits:

Compact Size

Easy Installation

Energy saving device, CR2032 button battery which can last over 1 year

Simple to integrate with the ZigBee Smart Home Security System

HA Profile Compliant.


WZB-SPM05 ZigBee Wireless PIR Motion Detector

The WZB-SPM05 is an easy to use ZigBee Motion Sensor. The motion detector can be quickly integrated into your home automation system for security or light control. The WZB-SPM05 functions as an end device and is compliant with ZigBee HA Profile which allows you to easily join the motion detector with other routers and coordinators. The Pet-Immunity helps you to avoid false alarms from pets that cross the sensing area of the motion detector.


Features & Benefits:

Battery powered no external power source needed

Detects Motion within 9m range

Pet-Immunity will avoid false alarms

Power saving mode for a longer battery life

HA Profile Compliant


SG-01-SK-xx ZigBee Residential Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Smoke is not just a threat to workplaces. Residential homes using heat appliances are equally at risk, thus, it is very dangerous due to the lack of awareness in how to detect and prevent fire smoke. Just like gas leak alarms, adequate smoke detection solutions should be deployed in all homes. The Nietzsche’s SG-01-SK smoke detector is susceptible to the threat of fire smoke offering reliable protection for all domestic environments. Whenever the smoke has reached alert level, the unit starts to flash alarm, sound alarm, and wirelessly signals to control center for real-time rescue action.

It is designed especially for residential, commercial and any places that fire event could happen. We hope you will never face that situation, but it is better to have something to ensure life safety to get peace of mind.


Features & Benefits:

Stylish design with pearl-white color suited to apply in any residential apartment, building, house, hotel, hostel, retreat center, senior care and assisting living center, hospital, warehouse, retail store, movie theater, stadium, school, transportation stations, museum, factory, office and studio…etc.

Wireless connectivity via ZigBee global wireless standard makes it easy to interoperate with ZigBee-enabled gateway to form a net of security and remote alert implementation.

Centered-design of smoke chamber allows it to sense smoke omni-directionally without blind angles to get the effective detection and safety.

Human voice alert with decibel siren together with flashing LED make it super easy to be aware when event occurs.

Wireless connectivity quality report regularly between detector and receiver for maximum security.

Detector has passed stringent tests as listed in description, which proves to excel in detecting true fire smoke and greatly eliminates false alarms caused by interference from nearby sources.

Simple test method: Press test button to hear the human confirmation voice, the user will know the detector is in normal.

Easy installation: Install directly to proper location without any wiring. The invisible connectivity has been built up for your safety.



Ventilation is very important in maintaining a comfortable, healthy, productive environment for people. Improper ventilation can affect occupant health and performance negatively, increase the risk from litigation, and/or waste energy. Demand-controlled ventilation with CO2 sensors prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while maintaining indoor air quality. The most energy savings potential is in buildings where occupancy fluctuates throughout a 24-hour period. Most organizations with green mind now require and/or recommend CO2-based ventilation control in different commercial HVAC applications. Some utility companies also offer rebates to building owners for installing CO2 sensors. The SG-02-CO2 allows you connect detector wirelessly with your centralized center. With unique ID, it can be traced and activate the right ventilation system as needed. The Nietzsche’s SG-02-CO2 series combines all the necessary elements, such as easy to install, and have a clean, stylish look that suits most indoor.


Features & Benefits:


State-of-the-art NDIR CO2 sensing technology for best reliability

High energy-saving potential from on-demand ventilation

Automatic, maintenance-free CO2 measurement

Wirelessly Controls air-conditioning (ventilation, window opening, coordinated heating control etc.) via ZigBee technology

Provides information on air quality and the need for fresh air (wirelessly, visually and acoustically) and the home

Acoustic warning every continuously above 1500 ppm (can be deactivated/muted for 10 minutes with mute button)

Indicator with 2 LED’s (green for wireless, red for over 1500 ppm)