GPS Iridium Antennas (Aviation, Marine & Ground)

High performance Iridium antennas designed to meet excellent performance.


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The AT1621-62 is a “mini ARINC” footprint combination Iridium communications and GPS L1 antenna with two separate connectors and is FAA TSO C-144 approved.


AeroAntenna AT1621-14 is an iridium antenna for fixed site.


AeroAntenna iridium/ GPS L1  antenna


The AT1621-162 is a combination Iridium & GPS antenna and is designed to work primarily for marine applications and other harsh environments. The antenna has a pipe thread mount that that enables it to be securely mounted without the connectors being exposed to the environment. The antenna is fitted with SMA female connectors for both the GPS and Iridium connections and will work with all major brands of Iridium / GPS based devices.


Iridium, Magnet Mount GPS Antenna,197″ Cable, RoHs


AeroAntenna iridium low profile antenna


The AT1621-262 is a combination Iridium & GPS patch antenna, designed predominantly for land mobile and asset monitoring applications. The AT1621-262 dual mode patch antenna can be securely mounted without the connectors being exposed to the environment. The AT1621-262 dual mode patch antenna can be ordered with either SMA female connectors or TNC female connectors for both the GPS and Iridium connections and will work with all Iridium / GPS based devices.


The AT161-203 Iridium, Magnet Mount GPS Antenna  197″ Cable


The AT1621-16 combination Iridium and GPS magnetic mount antenna designed for Vehicle and portable land based applications. It is designed to work with asset tracking products and other Iridium / GPS based devices. The Magnetically mounted antenna is designed to be very low profile and easy to move between assets as needed.

Included is 238 inches of both Iridium & GPS antenna cable, making the AT1621-16 an easily installed and very cost effective solution.