IoT/LoRaWAN Networks

Gemtek (and it’s subsidiary BROWAN that was founded in 1999) is a worldwide leader of broadband / wireless solutions, offering a broad range of solutions from residential to business with years of experience in wireless design and mass production (operating since 1988).

As one of the first companies offering WLAN products, Gemtek/BROWAN core competencies in RF/Microwave design, software engineering and manufacturing excellence result in a shorter time to market and reduced costs. Gemtek/BROWAN’s strong strategic alliances with the leading worldwide chipset and wireless products manufacturers as their OEM supplier is a strong vote of confidence in its high quality products and expertise.

Gemtek/BROWAN is one of the pioneers in Low Power WAN IoT development and field implementation. They were an instrumental force in bringing up LPWAN solutions and were an early provider of the LoRaWAN protocol.

Gemtek/BROWAN provides an end-to-end carrier grade LoRaWAN networks intended for private and public (City / Country wide Telco) deployments. The solution is composed of a range of LoRaWAN Gateways, Network Server (for network management, device provisioning and data routing).

Gemtek/BROWAN also provides a wide range of solutions and sensors, such as: Various Asset Tracking devices, Manhole Cover Open Detector, etc’. In addition, Gemtek/BROWAN provides LoRaWAN modules (SMT / SiP) for sensors manufacturers.

Pixel Networks with a strategic partnership with Semtech (owner of the LoRa technology) provide the TrackCentral LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS). TrackCentral LNS is a next generation platform designed specifically for LPWAN infrastructure following the inside-out hybrid deployment model with indoor and outdoor gateways of different channel configurations. Its multi-dimensional scale-out architecture allows to connect and manage not only billions of devices but also millions of gateways. TrackCentral further provides full multi-tenancy support for maximum privacy, and LoRaWAN roaming across public and private networks for maximum interoperability.






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LoRaWAN Network Server (Network Management, Device Activation and Data Routing System)

TrackCentral is a LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) that connects LoRaWAN-compliant devices to application backends in a star of stars topology. It is the first of a new generation of LoRaWAN Network Servers specifically designed along the following guiding principles:

– Carrier-grade robustness and security in a true multi-tenancy architecture;

– Multi-dimensional scale-out both for devices and gateways to facilitate large-scale (country-wide) traditional tower-based deployments as well as hybrid deployments following the inside-out deployment model; and

– High degree of deployment flexibility in both dedicated and hosted environments (LoRa Network Server as a Service, LNSaaS) facilitating a broad range of customer requirements.

Gateways, so-called Stations in TrackCentral parlance, are connected to TrackCentral via standard, secured IP connections while devices use single-hop LoRaWAN communication to one or many Stations. TrackCentral, in turn, relays messages between Stations and any number of application backends. It further provides a network operator with all the network management functionality required for large-scale (country-wide) deployments.

Main Features:

  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3 and 1.1
  • LoRaWAN Class A and C; Class B when finalized by the LoRa Alliance
  • Activation-by-Personalization (ABP) and Over-the-Air-Activation (OTAA)
  • Multi-dimensional scale-out for inside-out hybrid deployments
  • Full multi-tenancy among network operators and application owners
  • LoRaWAN-compliant and interoperable Join Server
  • LoRaWAN roaming for public and private networks
  • Available on Cloud and/or On-Premise deployment
  • Provisioning of GWs and end-devices
  • Status and performance monitoring
  • RF information (RSSI, SNR, DR, CHANNEL, etc’)
  • Traffic information – GW and end-device views
  • Centralized and remote management
  • Message routing to customers’ applications
  • Global Map