Radio Modems - Systems

We offer a fine line of wireless modem products. These products represent the state-of-the-art in wireless data transmission.

Our units provide rugged and reliable operation with sophisticated features which make them versatile and easy to use for a wide variety of applications. The radios are watertight and rugged enough for the toughest environments, easily configurable in the field with an enhanced user interface. Easy-to-integrate modules are also available to system integrators seeking the best radio modems possible.

Current product line includes: Pacific Crest ADL Vantage, Pacific Crest Sentry, Pacific Crest XDL Rover 2 and 4RF APRISA XE.


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4RF Aprisa XE Long haul, high-performing, flexible point-to-point microwave link, available in multiple frequency bands below 3 GHz, providing up to 65 Mbit/s capacity. Performance-engineered to provide maximum link availability, the Aprisa XE gives capacity and reliability over long distance paths under the most difficult conditions. Chaotic topography, obstructions, over water paths, temperature and atmospheric extremes all limit conventional digital microwave links, but not the Aprisa XE.