Networks & Services Synchronization

High precision GPS clocks and Time Sync devices designed for smart grid and for telecommunications networks and applications including LTE cellular base stations where performance, longevity, and reliability are paramount.

GNSS clocks designed to synchronize SCADA, Protection and Control, NTP/PTP Time Server, Phasor measurement units, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) for sampled values, revenue meters, telecommunications or peripheral substation equipment.


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Thunderbolt® NTP Time Server – TS200

The TS200 is designed for demanding applications that require high accuracy NTP time stamping. It supports synchronization of thousands of workstations, routers, switches and other network elements for logging and security forensics. VOIP IPBX systems also require very accurate NTP timestamps to ensure CDR events are correctly registered and reported. The Thunderbolt NTP TS200 Time Server is certified NEBS standards for reliability.

  • Supports multiple constellations GNSS, enabling tracking of GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou satellites enhancing redundancy and satellite availability
  • Optimized to deliver extremely stable and accurate time of day (TOD) synchronization for a variety of time sensitive applications such as datacenters, SCADA systems and PMU synchronization
  • Network Management: SNMP, Web UI, CLI
  • Supports a large number of clients making it suitable for medium and large scale deployment
  • Offers extended operating temperature ranges to ensure suitability for use in demanding environments
  • Low cost per client helps reduce the total cost of deployment while maintaining superior reliability

Thunderbolt PTP Grandmaster Clock – GM200

The GM200 is designed for wireless networks requiring phase synchronization. It provides continuous availability of UTC traceable time for phase synchronization, a must for LTE-Advanced networks and services. The PTP GM200 can tolerate harsh environmental conditions supporting both indoors & outdoors deployments with extended operating temperature range.

  • Designed with small cells in mind but also meets Marco base station requirements for synchronization
  • Supports small cells networks that require phase synchronization
  • Given its low cost it can be added to any network requiring support for the stringent phase synchronization specifications that LTE-A services require performing at their optimal levels
  • The most efficient way to implement phase synchronization for LTE & LTE-A services is to deploy the grandmaster clock close to target eNodeBs to ensure 1.5 us of phase alignment
  • Suits this strategy perfectly due to its small size, low cost, superior accuracy & reliability and flexibility of deployment options
  • NEBS compliance assures that the GM200 can be deployed in edge and/or aggregation networks