RF Passive Components

Our passive microwave components offering consists a complete line of high performance RF products including adapters, attenuators, couplers, circulators, dc blocks, power dividers, terminations, special products and more.  


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TMYTEK’s mmWave balance to unbalance transformer is made to convert a differential signal to a single ended signal and vice versa, which is functionally equivalent to a 180˚ hybrid.


It operates in the frequency range of 11 to 16 GHz providing superior amplitude balance, phase balance, insertion loss and isolation. Our  baluns are available as connectorized modules.

Bias Tees

TMYTEK’s bias tee offers the ability to apply or detect a DC voltage on a RF signal for frequency coverages up to 50 GHz.

Covers the high frequency bands for mmWave applications. Advantages include low insertion loss, excellent return loss between the RF and the common ports as well as superior power handling for both the DC and the RF port. Packaged in connectorized modules.

DC Blocks

DC blocks offer the ability to prevent (or block) the flow of direct current (DC) frequencies to RF signals.


TMYTEK’s DC blocks are made with great precision for frequency coverages up to 50 GHz at the same time providing low insertion loss, high blockage and superior DC power handling. Available in different RF connector sizes for direct coaxial connections, including SMA connector, 2.92 mm (or K) connector and 2.4 mm (or V) connector. Made to cover the different frequency bands for various mmWave applications.

Antenna-in-Package (AiP)

In high frequency RF applications, the antenna must be close to the beamforming circuit as much as possible to reduce the path losses.


Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology turns into an elegant solution widely used in gesture sensors, automobile radars, phased array or even at high frequency imaging sensors and wireless links.

  • standard surface-mounted device integrates antenna or antennas along with transceiver dies
  • Spectrums cover Ka/K/Ku bands, also available are 60 and 77GHz options
  • Ideal for satellite, ground terminals, smartphones, base station, CPEs and more
  • 4×4/ 8×8 and custom antenna arrays are available
  • IC module integrates 4×4 slot antenna elements and 4 of beamforming chips
  • IF-ready 8×8 PCB based AiP with mixer and doubler
  • larger array can be formed by repeating multiple modules