CT Explosives Detection Systems (EDS)

The IDSS DETECT™ 1000 delivers unmatched resolution and automated threat detection to speed up operations and transform security. The DETECT™ 1000 is specifically designed to suit Checkpoint security requirements providing superior detection capabilities at high speed.

This high performance and high-resolution system also eliminates the burden of removing laptops and liquids from bags.

Based on medical, computed tomography (CT) imaging technology, the DETECT™ 1000 is a powerful lens with which to see and identify smaller and more advanced threats than ever before.

IDSS is the premier solutions provider for advanced threat detection, developing next-generation screening solutions with broad applications to protect high threat facilities and critical infrastructure.



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DETECT™ 1000

Main features:

  • TSA and ECAC certified
  • Unprecedented detection and low false alarm rates
  • Industry-leading imaging; the highest resolution available
  • Clear threat isolation for verification through user-friendly on-screen analytics tools
  • High speed screening: 600+ bags per hour
  • Designed for standalone operation or integration with Automated Security Lanes and Smart Lanes
  • Checkpoint compliant size, weight and power
  • High operational availability of 99.9% over a 10-year Operational Life Cycle
  • Cost effective design supports easily definable return on investment and total cost of ownership