Mail Screening

With MailSecur you can safely scan incoming mail with mmWave live video and keep your people safe.

MailSecur from RaySecur gives you a real-time view into the contents of mail and packages. It combines multiple technologies to detect tiny amounts of liquids and powders as well as traditional threats.

Using safe millimeter wave technology MailSecur detects everything that X-ray mail scanners can, and in smaller quantities, and is 300 times more sensitive than X-rays for detecting powders and liquids.

MailSecur is light, fits on a desktop, and is simple to setup and use. Dynamic video imaging makes detecting mail contents simple and intuitive with minimal training.

MailSecur has received Designated status by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the first manufacturer of dedicated mail security scanners to receive official designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the United States SAFETY Act.

Mail Screening – Demo Video

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RaySecurTM has developed breakthrough imaging technology based on millimeter waves. The MailSecurTM systems provide real-time, 3D imaging to detect even the smallest threats – a vast improvement over traditional static 2D X-ray scanning.


Main Features:

  • Detects tiny amounts of powders & liquids – 100 milligrams of powder (2% of a teaspoon), and a single drop of liquid.
  • Combines multiple technologies for superior performance including dynamic zoom imaging, dual metal detection, radiation detection and remote access for EOD tech expert.
  • Letter bombs, dirty bombs, harmful powders and liquids, incendiary devices, weapons, hoaxes, and traditional CBREs, as well as new emerging threats from mail weaponization can all be detected in real-time with MailSecur’s 3D images.
  • MailSecur’s exclusive 360° Rotation™ Video Imaging technology allows visualization of the liquids and powder in movement when concealed within packaging.
  • Lightweight, Portable, Quick and Easy to Set Up
  • Safe for the operator