Dynamical tuned gyro

Gyroscopes are critical rotation sensing elements used in navigation systems including inertial navigation systems (INS), attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS) or inertial measurement units (IMUs) for manned and unmanned aircraft, spacecraft, marine vehicles and surface vehicles.

Gyroscopes are also substantial elements in platform stabilization systems (i.e. antenna stabilization) and where accurate pointing and/or targeting is required.


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The HTS-GD1 is a light weight, small size, and high precision gyroscope. Widely used in Space strapdown attitude systems; also suitable for Ground, Maritime, Aviation, Aerospace and other transportation carriers and platform type strapdown attitude system.


The HTS-GD2 is a high precision, long life time, wide dynamic range and high reliability gyroscope. Widely used in water surface and land strapdown systems, fast true-north seeking instrument, helicopter light guidance platform, television antenna tracker and more. Can also be used in spaceflight strapdown inertial systems and land, sea, aviation, spaceflight transporter strapdown and platform type attitude system.


The HTS-GD3 is a long lifetime, wide measurement range and high reliability gyroscope. Widely used in strap-down inertial measurement units; can also be used for high dynamic transporter attitude systems.


The HTS-GD4 is a light weight, small size, and short start time gyroscope, that can be used in higher operating temperatures. Used in short-range missile strap-down attitude systems, Oil drilling inclinometer tools and other products. Also suitable for all kinds of strapdown attitude systems and inertial measurement instruments with higher operating temperatures requirement.


This dynamically tuned gyro is designed for dynamical positioning and orientation in the drilling field, with small dimension, light weight and high working temperature. Mainly used in borehole gyro survey tools, wellbore logging tools and many other systems for north seeking or orientation.


This dynamically tuned gyro is designed for applications in the drilling field. with operating temperatures of up to 100 degree centigrade.