Accelerometers Components & Modules

A broad range of Accelerometer components and modules for various applications including Thermal Accelerometers, Capacitive Accelerometers and Quartz Flexible Accelerometers.

Thermal accelerometer which is uniquely designed and manufactured by Memsic uses a proprietary patented approach that uses standard CMOS IC processes to integrate leading-edge sensor technology and mixed signal processing circuits into a single reliable, high-quality chip. Compared with the traditional capacitive accelerometer, thermal accelerometer has no moving parts, highly reliable, easy to manufacture and ultra-low cost.

MEMSIC is also exclusively authorized by mCube for all its inertial sensor technologies, which have proved by mature Capacitive Accelerometer technology based on 600 million pieces of mass production shipment, and its products cover a rich combination of the industry’s smallest size and lowest power consumption.

We also offer a range of Quartz Flexible Accelerometers that are ideal for inertial measurement and vibration isolation tests, Displacement Sensors and Hall Switch Sensors.


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Quartz flexible accelerometer

Application: Inertial measurement and vibration isolation test of precision instruments and equipment for military high-precision inertial navigation systems in the fields of aerospace, aviation, ships etc.

displacement sensor

LVDT displacement sensor with high resolution, outstanding linearity, shock resistance, high operating temperature, compact size and light weight.