Cellular Routers

A wide array of leading networking products that are geared towards the enhancement and enrichment of your enterprise network.

Teltonika offers a wide range of industrial gateways for various implementations and environments.

The Teltonika gateways are robust, high quality and cost-effective. A remote monitoring and control application is available to ease the management of the deployed gateways from any connected computer.

The Siretta 3G and 4G routers are high performance industrial routers at a great price point.

The high quality build and robust metal enclosures ensure that these routers will be at home in any environment. Reliability of connection and network keep-alive features are also a strong point.

Key Features: 3G / 4G / 5G providing wireless connection with remote assets, Single or Dual SIM, WiFi / LAN / RS232 or RS485 / GPIO, GPS Option, Industrial Rugged Design (metal enclosure) and Remote Firmware Update.

The Bondix S.A.NE (simple aggregation of networks) software is enabling seamless WAN aggregation to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and operability for all applications.

The 4RF Aprisa LTE is designed for mission and business critical applications including public safety that need a gateway to modern high-speed public and private LTE networks.

Current products include: 4RF Aprisa LTE, Teltonika RUT951, RUT956, RUT241, RUT901, RUT200, TAP100, RUTX50, RUTX12, RUTX11, RUTXR1, RUTX09, RUT950, RUT955, RUT360, RUT240, RUT850, Siretta QUARTZ-LITE LTE (EU), QUARTZ-W22-UMTS and QUARTZ-W22-LTE (EU) / QUARTZ-GW22-LTE (EU).


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Bondix- Simple Aggregation of Networks

The Bondix S.A.NE software ensures reliable connectivity for all applications such as voice, video and data transmission for mobile and stationary deployments – Simple WAN aggregation with ultimate stability between different WAN interfaces and WAN providers.


  •  RUTX12 dual LTE router fully support Bondix S.A.N.E algorithm.
  •  Increase network availability with different bonding options – supports 4 Wan uplinks.
  •  Seamless Backup to ensure network resiliency
  •  WAN aggregation offers optimal streamlined data distribution with uncompromised   connection resiliency
  •  High-level Security Mechanisms
  •  Compatibility with other Teltonika Networks Devices