Accelerometers Components & Modules

Memsic & Aceinna’s (formerly Memsic) unique thermal technology use heated gas molecules to detect acceleration and is the fundamental principle behind our accelerometer IC products. This technology offers several advantages over the solid proof-mass structure, including:

  • No measurable resonance (immunity to vibration)
  • Virtually indestructible (50,000g shock tolerance)
  • No stiction
  • No detectable hysteresis
  • Excellent zero-g offset stablity
  • Sensor & electronics integrated onto monolithic IC
  • Rugged accelerometer modules with a selection of configurations and performance levels provide turnkey solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications

Aceinna is a spin-off of Memsic Inc. a world leader in MEMS sensor technology.


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Accelerometer Components

Unique thermal MEMS accelerometer components deliver outstanding 0g offset stability,2 & 3 axis, range up to 8g, Outputs: SPI, Analog, I2C, PWM,  vibration Immunity, and 50,000g shock tolerance.


ACEINNA CXL-GP Series – General Purpose Accelerometer Modules

The GP Series accelerometers are low cost, general purpose, linear acceleration and/or vibration sensors available in ranges of ±4g, ±10g, and ±25g.


Key Features:

  • High Performance, 1-Axis and 3-Axis Accelerometers
  • Small, Low-Cost
  • Reliable Packaging with Screw-Down Mounting
  • Factory Calibrated



CXLTG-Series – High Performance Accelerometer Modules

The TG-Series 3-Axis accelerometers are high performance ±2g and ±10g sensors, featuring precision three-layer silicon differential capacitive MEMS sensing elements that provide ultra  low noise and excellent stability. The TG-Series sensors are fully signal conditioned and factory calibrated. The single-ended high level analog outputs do not require external signal conditioning and are easy to interface to standard data acquisition systems.

Key Features:

  • Range: ±2g or ±10g
  • High Stability
  • Low Noise: 20μg/√Hz
  • Low Power <10mW
  • internal Temperature Sensor