Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)

Get superior performance with our nine-degree-of-freedom (9DOF) strapdown Attitude Heading Reference systems (AHRS) and modules with Kalman filter & attitude/heading algorithm for accurate roll/pitch/heading in dynamic environments.

The PNI TRAX attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) provides unparalleled heading and accuracy when static, while moving and when encountering magnetic distortion. TRAX employs a patented Kalman algorithm that intelligently fuses PNI’s patented reference magnetic sensors with gyros and accelerometers to overcome errors due to erratic motion and changes in the local magnetic field.

The new PNI TRAX2 AHRS & digital compass module incorporates PNI’s military-grade magnetic sensors with proven sensor fusion and digital compass algorithms to provide accurate direction and orientation in demanding conditions.

Memsic’s inertial systems provide end-users and systems integrators with fully-qualified MEMS-based solutions for measurement of static and dynamic motion in a wide variety of challenging environments including avionics, remotely operated vehicles, agricultural & construction vehicles and automotive test.

Current product offering includes the AHRS440.


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The Memsic AHRS440 is a compact standalone attitude and heading reference system that provides roll, pitch and yaw measurement data in both static and dynamic environments. The AHRS440 can accept external GPS aiding inputs for optimized performance, and is available in standard and high range sensor configurations

Key Features:

  • Roll, Pitch, Heading and 9DOF Inertial Outputs
  • Accuracy < 0.2 deg
  • Output Data Rate > 100 Hz
  • High-Range Sensor Options (400 deg/sec and 10g)
  • GPS Aiding Input
  • Low Power < 3W
  • High Reliability, MTBF > 25,000 hours
  • Analog Output Option
  • Rugged Sealed Enclosure