GPS Aviation Antennas - TSO C-190

AeroAntenna is a supplier of aviation antennas fully approved for TSO C-190.


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The AT575-326 is an ARINC 743 sized L1 band GPS antenna that is FAA TSO C-190 approved and has a slightly offset TNCF connector.


TSO WAAS L1 GPS antenna


The AT575-493 is a FAA TSO approved L1 band GPS antenna that can be used with GPS Receivers approved for operations in WAAS Class Beta -3, LPV approaches. WAAS Class Beta-3 is a performance standard for GPS systems that allows for LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) approaches.




L1 GPS Antenna


The aero dynamic design ensures excellent Omni directional pattern over the entire 1575.42 MHz band. The AT2300-326 is a combination of GPS antenna and XM satellite receiver antenna allowing you to replace an existing GPS antenna with a dual purpose antenna. The AT2300-326 has a standard ARINC 743 footprint and can be installed on all piston, turboprop, and turbine airframes. The AT2300-326 is optimized for use with WAAS Gamma 3 GPS receivers and is approved under TSO C-190.


Combination GPS, VHF communications and XM satellite receiver antenna is designed for use with WAAS Gamma 3 GPS receivers and is suitable for use on all turbine, turboprop, and piston airframes. The AT135-3 is designed to replace three separate antennas with one antenna, reducing both weight and drag and minimizing the number of penetrations to the airframe. It is designed and approved under TSO C190 and TSO C169a.


The AT575-234 is a high performance GPS antenna with an ARINC 743 footprint which can be installed on all turbine, turboprop, and piston airframes. The AT575-234 is FAA approved under TSO C-190 for use with GPS receivers requiring 29.5 dB gain or more and is specifically designed to be used for all GPS operations up to and including Gamma 3 LPV approaches.