Wireless Transmission

As a global digital microwave systems vendor, Comba provides high performance, low-cost products and services, including outdoor units (ODU), digital microwave antennas and couplers, and indoor units (IDU).

Comba’s Microwave products are engineered for complete product life cycle, supported by modern tools for modeling, simulation and optimization with R&D centers located in USA and China. State of the art manufacturing is supported by SMT lines, clean room, outdoor test range and environment test chambers.


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Microwave Indoor Units (IDU)

Comba Digital Microwave System allows transmission links to be established rapidly and easily to meet a variety of transmission needs, brings cost savings and helps rapid network rollout.

  • Technology for PDH, IP and hybrid solution
  • Payload up to 700Mbps in 2+0 mode
  • Supports modulation schemes of QPSK to 256QAM
  • Versatile 3.5-56MHz bandwidth
  • Capacity configurable and upgradeable
  • Supports SNMP management protocol
  • 1+0 and 2+0
  • Built-in testing functions to facilitate commissioning and troubleshooting

Microwave Couplers/Hybrids

Microwave couplers/hybrids are 3-port microwave waveguide systems that split the input power into two parts, hence enabling the simultaneous operation of two outdoor radio units (ODUs) and realizing the two independent transmission channels on a single antenna at the same time.

Microwave Antennas

Key Features:

Low Profile Antennas

Ultra-High Performance Antennas

Size: 0.3m-2.4m

Frequency: 6GHz-38GHz

High product quality

Single and dual polarized

Easy upgrade in field

Shorter lead time

Simple installation

Customized Antenna: LPC series can be provided with a customer designed adaption for the ODU. This allows the ODU to be directly mounted to the antenna.

Microwave Outdoor Units (ODU)

The ODUs are technically advanced, highly reliable and very cost effective.

Key Features:

  • 6-38GHz frequency bands available
  • Supports QPSK and 16 to 256QAM
  • Option: standard output power and high output power
  • 3.5-56MHz RF channel bandwidths
  • Designed to meet FCC, ETSI and CE safety and emission standards
  • Supports popular ITU-R standards and frequency recommendations
  • Very high frequency stability (+/-2.5 ppm)
  • Compact and handy design
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +65°C)