Stand-off Screening

Fast, Safe, Proven People Screening

Thruvision is a fast, safe and proven stand-off people-screening camera able to detect any type of object hidden under clothing at a distance. Based on patented, passive millimeter-wave technology it is ideal for mass transit security, public venues and events, customs and border control, visitors security checkpoints and loss prevention.

Intuitive and easy to use allowing for safe and respectful check of people; Flexible, mobile deployment allowing for a ‘pop-up’ screening approach.

Thruvision TS4-C and TS4-SC main advantages:

Stand-off screening: Detection of concealed objects from a distance.

Intuitive: Real-time video display allowing users to see size, shape and location of concealed items.

Flexible: Relatively small, light-weight cameras that can be deployed quickly and in a variety of different ways.

Safe and respectful: Completely safe, with no anatomical detail revealed and physical ‘pat-downs’ no longer needed.

Unique and Patented: Based on patented TeraHertz imaging research work completed by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the European Space Agency.

Operationally Proven: Reliable and mature technology that is being used by global security leaders.

High throughput: Throughput of more than 1,200 people per hour.




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Thruvision TS4-C & TS4-SC

Thruvision TS4-C and TS4-SC are relatively small, light-weight cameras aimed to detect any kind of object hidden under clothes. TS4-C and TS4-SC can be deployed quickly and in a variety of different ways. Cameras simply require mains power and can be deployed with either vertical or horizontal fields of view. Range of mounting options including fixed stands, wall or gantry mounting brackets, wheeled operator stands or full battery equipment tactical deployment systems. Can be operational in 15 minutes from unpacking.

 Mass transit security:

  • Throughput of more than 1,200 people per hour
  • Ability to see PB-IED at 30 feet / 10 meters
  • Ability to screen up to four people simultaneously

Customs and border control/concealed contraband:

  • Screening time of 8 seconds per person
  • Full-body screening with no blind spots
  • Detects all types of material, and objects as small as 5cm x 5cm
  • Easy to see size, shape and location of concealment

Enhancing entrance security screening:

  • Non-metallic weapons as small as 5cm x 5cm detected including:
    • Plastic explosive, 3D printed guns, Ceramic knives, Corrosive liquids, Non-metallic clubs
    • Glass / plexiglass shards
  • Shows possible cause of metal detector alarms
  • No manual search of visitor is necessary
  • Reduced end-to-end screening time per visitor

Enhancing security in public venues:

Suitable for use at a wide range of venues: Sports stadiums, Entertainment venues, Conferences, Outdoor festivals, Museums and galleries and Public buildings.

  • Throughput of more than 1,200 people per hour
  • Ability to detect all types of prohibited items
  • Only visitors with suspicious concealments searched

Loss Prevention:

Preventing theft and reducing queuing at distribution centres, factories and cash handling facilities.

Safely used to see all types of item: Electronics, Optical media, Perfumes & toiletries and Pharmaceuticals.