Point-to-Point Microwave Radios

High-performing, flexible point-to-point microwave link, available in multiple frequency bands (0.3GHz-80GHz), providing up to 10 Gbit/s capacity.

Diversified product range suitable for all types of industries and applications, including utilities, public safety and military, oil, gas & mining, transport, enterprise & government, telecom operators, mobile radio, private networks and fixed wireless or mobile networks.


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Aviat Eclipse

Aviat Eclipse combines all PDH, SDH and Ethernet point-to-point wireless applications into a single product platform to dramatically reduce the total cost of using wireless backhaul by changing the way networks are planned, deployed and maintained.
Eclipse is the leading wireless backhaul solution available, combining a number of compelling features:

  • Scalable Capacity Architecture – Super- PDH capacity form 4xE1 up to 75xE & SDH to 4xSTM 1
  • Selectable traffic interface, E1,E3, STM1, and 10/100 Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet
  • High speed Fast/Gigabit Ethernet data transport Operating frequency range 5 to38GHz
  • “Liquid Bandwidth” supports high-speed Ethernet plus TDM traffic over a single radio channel
  • Software selectable capacity, modulation level (4- to 256 QAM) adaptive modulation
  • Fast ring protection switching
  • Co-channel operation XPIC
  • High reliable, integrated design, with high MTBF
  • ProVision – Network Management System