LoRa / Sigfox

Nemeus is an expert in the design and manufacturing of short and long range radio modules and gateways that are incorporated in sensors and solutions for Internet of Things (IoT).

As a unique feature- the Nemeus modem solution can simultaneously integrate the two LPWAN (i.e. Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies – LoRa™ WAN 1.0 EU and SIGFOX™.

Nemeus is a member of the LoRa Alliance (http://lora-alliance.org) and is a SIGFOX™ (http://www.sigfox.com) partner.

MM002-xx-EU – Bi-mode LoRa™/SIGFOX™ Ready Module

The MM002-xx-EU family include long-range and low power (LPWAN) wireless modules operating in 868MHz unlicensed band (intended for products deployed in EU; other freq. can be supported for volume orders). With interference robustness and low power consumption, it is the best solution for applications requiring long range, maximum battery lifetime and secure radio link. This module integrates a SX1272 LoRa transceiver from Semtech and a low power ARM Cortex M3 controller.

Module HW interfaces have been designed to be configurable to match with specific customers’ requirements without HW modification. HW protocols used by classical sensors are supported by the module and can have different instances: I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, ADC, DAC, etc’

The Module can be soldered on another board like a SMD component.

The MM002-xx-EU module has been designed to match with the European R & TTE guidelines and is compliant with ETSI EN300-220.

This module can be used as companion modem or can, on request, integrate customer application software to control directly sensors through dedicated HW pins for cost and power consumption reduction.

2 versions are available:

  • MM002-L-EU: A LoRa™ WAN 1.0 EU Class A & C bidirectional protocol stack version
  • MM002-LS-EU: A Full bi-mode bidirectional LoRa™/SIGFOX™ protocol stack version

Key Features:

  • Frequency range: ISM band from 863Mhz to 870Mhz (Intended for products deployed in EU)
  • Additional frequency bands will be added soon
  • Other freq. can be supported for volume orders
  • Dimensions: 14,4mm x 26,4mm x 2,5mm
  • Modulation: LoRa™ / SIGFOX™/FSK
  • Maximum output power: +14dBm (+20dBm as option)
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating temperature: -20°C +70°C
  • Good buildings penetration
  • Long Range protocol stack software (SIGFOX™ / LoRa WAN 1.0 EU Class A & C)
  • Soldered like an SMD component
  • Usable as Modem companion or with embedded customer application software (option)
  • RoHS conformance / Pre-Certified EN 300-220
  • Shield ready (option)

MK002-xx-EU – Bi-mode LoRa™/SIGFOX™ Ready USB Key

The MK002-xx-EU USB key is based on MM002-xx-EU modem and can be plugged into a computer. A low-power and long-range (LPWAN) wireless modem based on LoRa™ and SIGFOX™ technologies under USB key form factor, operating in 868Mhz unlicensed band (intended for products deployed in EU; other freq. can be supported for volume orders).

SMA connector with antenna is directly mounted onto the modem HW module. The MK002-xx-EU module has been designed to match with the European R & TTE guidelines.

2 versions are available:

  • MM002-L-EU: A LoRa™ WAN 1.0 EU Class A & C bidirectional protocol stack version
  • MM002-LS-EU: A Full bi-mode LoRa™/SIGFOX™ bidirectional protocol stack version

This USB key is controlled by UART (AT command) trough USB interface. A JAVA application is provided for first tests (point to point communication / device to LoRa™ WAN server / device to SIGFOX™ network).

For more information, please refer to the MM002-xx-EU modem.

MG003-L-EU – LoRa™ Gateway

MG003-L-EU is a pico-gateway LoRa™ dedicated to long range communication for low power wireless devices operating on ISM 868MHz unlicensed band (intended for products deployed in EU; other freq. can be supported for volume orders). The gateway is intended for small/indoor networks of up to 400 devices. With interference robustness and low power consumption, it is a good solution for autonomous gateway.

This gateway implements LoRa™ & FSK modulations and embeds a LoRa WAN 1.0 EU (Class A & C) network server.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 20mm
  • Modulation: LoRa™ / FSK
  • 8 LoRa transceivers architecture
  • Maximum output power: +26dBm
  • Powered through a micro-USB I/F
  • Ethernet I/F
  • Status led on front of gateway
  • External Antenna SMA connector
  • 2dBi gain Antenna