GPS Ground &Vehicular Antennas- L1

Well-filtered ground and vehicle antennas which are able to withstand high levels of interference.

These antennas of Trimble and AeroAntenna, are available with multiple configuration options and are therefore compatible with any GPS receiver on the market.


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AeroAntenna AT575-7

L1 GPS w/Side Pigtail/Active

AeroAntenna AT575-13

L1 GPS w/Side Pigtail/Passive

AeroAntenna AT575-39

L1 GPS, Pre-Amplifier Antenna

AeroAntenna AT575-70

L1 GPS w/Side Pigtail/Active

AeroAntenna AT575-84

L1 GPS w/Bottom Center Pigtail

AeroAntenna AT575-58

AT575-58 is a small oval shaped L1 GPS antenna with RG316 coax cable which is ideal for applications requiring a small low profile antenna. Cable length and connector can be specified.

AeroAntenna AT575-59

GPS Antenna, 1575 ±5 MHz

AeroAntenna AT8075-1

L1 GPS/Cellular

GPS Frequency: 1575 +/- 10MHz

Cellular Frequency: 859 +/- 35 MHz

Polarization: Right Hand Circular

Axial Ratio: 3 db max. @ bore sight degree

Gain: 16 +/- 2db

Voltage: 5 VDC +/- 10%

Impedance: 50 OHMs

GPS Connector: TNC Male

Cellular Connector: SMA Male

VSWR: <=2.0:1

Finish: Fluid Resistant, Polyurethane Enamel, White

Weight: 4 oz max.