GPS Ground & Vehicular Antennas - GNSS

AeroAntenna and Trimble GNSS ground & vehicular antennas conform to strict standards of consistency and performance to deliver the best possible tracking to support high level accuracy in a compact and reliable form factor.

Unique antenna designs provide the flexibility to reach a wide range of operational goals. The antennas resist unwanted signal interference or multipath, which can cause inaccurate measurements. They are designed to be used in the most rugged of environments.

The ground & vehicular antennas are designed to receive all existing and proposed public GNSS signals, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass.


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AeroAntenna AT1675-01

L1 GPS/GLONASS antenna

AeroAntenna AT1675-03

Chock GPS/GLONASS antenna

AeroAntenna AT1675-07

The AT1675-7 is a high performance dual frequency, dual constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antenna. It includes a combination of GPS L1, L2 bands and GLONASS G1, G2 bands with an integrated ground plane. This high precision multi-frequency antenna is built into a lightweight ruggedized environmentally sealed housing. It is NGS calibrated and is recommended for RTK networks, scientific, and machine control applications where centimeter accuracy is required.

AeroAntenna AT1675-19

The AT1675-19 is a 2.5 inch round L1 GPS and G1 GLONASS frequency with bulkhead connector mount for easy installation on vehicle or other flat surfaces.

AeroAntenna AT1675-32


AeroAntenna AT1675-119

L1/G1 Low Profile Antenna

AeroAntenna AT1675-182


AeroAntenna AT1675-200

L1,GLONASS and Galileo GPS Antenna

AeroAntenna AT1675-339

L1 and GLONASS GPS Antenna

AeroAntenna AT1675-450

The AT1675-450 is a 3.5 inch round flush mount multi-frequency, multi-constellation GPS, GLONASS antenna designed for machine control applications and can be mounted with its four mounting screws.

AeroAntenna AT1675-539