Crystal Oscillators -XOs

A broad range of standard performance, high performance and high reliability Crystal Oscillators (XOs).

Rakon’s high performance range of XOs feature low jitter, low phase noise, and selectable output frequency options; these features make them ideal for applications in the Global Positioning and the Telecommunications markets.

The high reliability XO ranges are resistant to shock and vibration in harsh environments and the specification profile makes it a great solution for Space and Defense applications.

Rakon is a leader in high temperature sensitivity testing, ASIC Pluto™ design, low acceleration sensitivity (aka “g”), hybrid product combinations, Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and specialised products for extreme performance.



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High Reliability Defense XO

High Reliability Defense XO

Main Applications: Aeronautics and HiRel applications, including on board computers for aircraft and high speed trains.



Selectable XO Selection

Main Applications: Enterprise Networking, Part number consolidation, Software-upgradable systems.

Low Noise and Low Jitter XO Selections

Low Noise and Low Jitter XO Selections

Main Applications: Ethernet 10G / 25G / 40G / 100G, High Speed ADC/DAC/SERDES, Datacentre and Enterprise networks, Storage and server networks, WLAN, PCle, Fibre Channel, Optical Modules, Defense / Military systems.