Free Space Optics

Trimble’s Free Space Optics (FSO) innovative Gigabit product range combines the speed and security of industry-leading 8th generation optical wireless technology with radio frequency transmission.

Based on over 10 years of wireless experience, these bridges are designed for maximum performance and unbeatable ROI.


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GeoDesy- FSO Lasers

Tribmle-FSO line provides the industry’s fastest and most secure wireless technology and availability up to 99.999% — under all weather conditions. Trimble- FSO auto failover technology, automatically and seamlessly switches to a lower bandwidth mode if weather conditions warrant, then automatically goes back to “full throttle” optical transmission for performance and security surpassing all other wireless solutions. Trimble-FSO technology allows any radio system to be used as a backup.
The Trimble -FSO Gigabit Range is a turn-key solution with integrated Failover. The Gigabit Range is a radio-ready solution (Geo20), enabling you to select the radio bridge of your choice now or in the future or add the Geo20 to an existing/slower bridge, thus protecting your investment in legacy equipment while upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet capacity.