SMT Modules

Smaller, more energy-efficient OEM portable devices with powerful GPS positioning capability.

Cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cameras, and many other handheld products benefit from Trimble’s latest space and power-efficient modules.

Trimble offers a full range of GPS software license products ranging from pure software GPS to GPS Navigation Engines running on industry leading GPS Chipsets.

Our quality product line of Trimble SMT modules currently includes the Bison3 DR+GNSS (BN3 1919) Module, Aardvark DR+GPS Module, Condor GPS Module, Copernicus II GPS Module and the Buffalo GNSS receiver.


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Bison3 DR + GNSS

The Trimble Bison3 DR+GNSS module combines an integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and microprocessor with a MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer to produce an accurate and instantaneous positioning solution.


Key Features:

  • Multi-GNSS capable positioning (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS supported)
  • Instantaneous and accurate positions in deep urban canyons and dense forests
  • Continuous position outputs in GNSS denied areas i.e. tunnels, parking garages and on lower bridge decks.
  • Reliable positioning for vehicle navigation and positioning, mapping applications and tracking of assets
  • CANBUS Ready
  • DR update rate is up to 20Hz
  • Full 6 DOF inertial sensors on board
  • Rate of climb measurement allows for 3D mapping
  • Any angle mounting in the vehicle
  • 19 mm x 19 mm SMT module

Aardvark DR + GPS

Trimble’s Aardvark DR+GPS module combines dead reckoning (DR) with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on a single, compact board.


Key Features:

  • GPS L1 Frequency C/A Code Receiver
  • NMEA Output and Input
  • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS) Capable
  • aGPS Capable
  • Update Rate up to 10 Hz
  • PPS Timing Output
  • Gyro included on module
  • -50 version includes a 3-axis gyro and can be mounted in any orientation

Condor GPS Modules

Trimble’s Condor family of GPS modules features major advancements in signal tracking for applications working in poor signal environments. With their higher sensitivity, performance and faster startup times, the Condor GPS modules enable system integrators to easily add Global Positioning System (GPS) capability to a mobile device with minimal impact on its size or battery life at a very economical price.

The Condor GPS family includes modules with different form factors and interface options: different dimensions, active or passive antenna, antenna detection, Standby Pin, UART,USB and more.

  • GPS L1 Frequency C/A Code Receiver
  • NMEA Output and Input
  • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS) Capable
  • aGPS Capable
  • Update Rate up to 5 Hz
  • PPS Timing Output

Copernicus II GPS Module

Trimble’s Copernicus® II GPS receiver delivers proven performance and Trimble quality for a new generation of position-enabled products. It features the Trimble revolutionary TrimCore™ software technology for extremely fast startup times and high performance in foliage canopy and urban canyon environments.

Designed for the demands of automated, high-volume production processes, the Copernicus II module is a complete 12-channel SBAS (which includes WAAS, EGNOS) capable GPS receiver in a 19 mm W x 19 mm L x 2.54 mm H (0.75 W x 0.75 L x 0.1 H) thumbnail-sized module.

The small, thin, single-sided module is packaged in tape and reel for pick and place manufacturing processes; 28 reflow-solder able edge castellation provide interface to your design without costly I/O and RF connectors. Each module is manufactured and factory tested to Trimble’s highest quality standards. RoHS-Compliant (Pb-free).

Buffalo GNSS Receiver

Trimble’s Buffalo B1919 GNSS receiver module delivers top performance and Trimble quality in a new generation of positioning products. The Buffalo B1919 GNSS receiver provides L1. Frequency GPS and GLONASS – using the NMEA protocol from the serial port, and also a PPS timing output. Buffalo can acquire and track using a combined solution of GPS and GLONASS. Galileo support will be available through a firmware upgrade.

The B1919 has an onboard low noise amplifier (LNA) that is compatible with both active and passive antenna implementations. It includes an onboard RTC and TCXO. The B1919 also has built-in antenna detection for open and short circuit conditions.

Buffalo modules match the footprint of Copernicus II and Condor C1919 GPS receiver modules, providing an upgrade path for existing designs. The Buffalo B1919 receiver features powerful positioning performance in a 19.0 x 19.0 x 2.54 mm package. The module’s 28 reflow-solder able surface-mount edge castellation provide an interface for your design without the need for costly I/O and RF connectors.

Choose the Buffalo B1919 for next generation GNSS performance, the best components and the highest production quality standards.