Trimble Silvana & Anapala ACM

Compatible with Trimble’s Copernicus II and Condor families of GPS solutions, Silvana allows you to choose the best solution for your application. In addition to its onboard antenna, Silvana sports a connector for an external antenna. An antenna detection circuit automatically switches to the external antenna, when connected. With Silvana, one flexible solution serves both internal and external antenna applications. Multiple GPS solution options allow you to choose the best fit for your application. With its external antenna connector and auto-switch, Silvana enables a single flexible product to support multiple applications or installation options.

Anapala supports multiple GPS solutions, but relies on the integral matched antenna. Multiple GPS solution options allow you to choose the best fit for your application

Trimble Zelia ACM

The smaller Zelia ACM integrates the Condor C1011 GPS receiver with a linearly-polarized printed monopole antenna element. The printed monopole takes up less space than a patch antenna, giving Zelia a smaller size than the other ACM’s.

The Zelia ACM is an omni-directional antenna ideal for portable device applications.