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Hyper-Tech is the added value distributor in Israel of global leading brands including: AeroAntenna, Applanix, Astrophysics Inc, Aviat, Berex, Bondix, Browan, Cesva, Comba, Comm-Connect, CommuniThings, Echodyne, EMI Solutions, Episensor, 4RF, Feasycom, Flashnet, Freeflight, Furgo Marinestar, GPS Networking, Geodetics, Gemtek, Hitech Sensors, Huawei, IDSS, IP Solutions, Laser Technology, M2Global, MagnaSCI, Memsic, Nemeus, NHR, Omnistar, Pacific Crest, Pixel Networks, PNI, Polyphaser/Transtector, Rakon, Rapiscan, RaySecur, Routescene, SatLab, Seoul Robotics, Siae, Siretta, Smart Design, Spacek Labs, SparkLan, Systech, Superapex, Teltonika, Tmytek, Trimble, True North, uAvionix, V-Count, Velodyne Lidar and ZTE.

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