Flow & Differential Pressure Sensors

Aceinna’s (formerly Memsic) flow and differential pressure sensors are designed to serve the need for mass flow and pressure sensing in multiple applications such as gas meters, process control, HVAC, medical, chemical, food and beverage, etc.

Aceinna is a spin-off of Memsic Inc. a world leader in MEMS sensor technology.

Aceinna’s patented thermal sensing technology offers many advantages over traditional solutions, including but not limited to: large dynamic range, high accuracy, excellent low flow sensitivity, low pressure drop, very low power consumption, no moving parts for long term reliability, and integrated CMOS circuitry.

Aceinna gas flow sensors include the MFC 2000 and MFA1100R product families.

The MFC2000 gas flow sensor family is a highly configurable, bi-directional flow platform that is being offered in several variations, including 30 and 70 SLM flow ranges, and mechanical configurations including straight inlet, manifold, and PCB mount. The product family is designed for a wide variety of applications, ranging from industrial applications to medical devices.

The MDP200 differential pressure sensor is a highly accurate and stable pressure sensor, designed for industrial, HVAC, and medical applications. The sensor is offered in a +/- 500 Pa configuration with custom ranges available. The sensor is available in bard and manifold mount, with straight and angled connector pins.


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ACEINNA MFC2000 Series – High Performance Bi-Directional Digital MEMS Gas Flow Sensor

MFC2000 series is a new gas flow sensing module platform based on ACEINNA’s proprietary CMOS technology for thermal mass flow sensing. It can measure up to 70 SLM bi-directional flow rate with +/-3.0% accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Bi-directional flow (±30 or ±70SLM)
  • High dynamic range
  • ±3% m.v. accuracy
  • ±0.8% m.v.repeatability
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast response time
  • Single 2.7 – 5.5Vdc power supply
  • Digital I2C and analog outputs
  • Standard push-in fitting sizes
  • Custom fluid connector available
  • Temperature compensated
  • Highly configurable firmware
  • Easy-to-use PC-based GUI
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant


The MFA1100R is a gas flow sensing module based on ACEINNA’s proprietary thermal gas flow technology.  It can measure up to 100SLM flow rate with +/-1.5% accuracy (after external calibration), and achieves a turndown ratio greater than 500:1. It includes on-chip circuitry for converting gas flow rates to a differential analog voltage with very high (better than 1%) repeatability. The device runs from a single cell battery, and has a low power sleep mode for managing battery life.

The MFA1100R is a true mass flow meter, and can easily be configured and integrated into an electronic intelligent gas meter. Customized versions are available, contact MEMSIC for more information.

  • Mass flow sensor
  • No moving parts for high reliability
  • Wide measuring range (0.27 – 100 SLM)
  • Outstanding hysteresis and repeatability (<1%)
  • High measuring accuracy :
    • <3% for 0.27 – 10 SLM
    • <1.5% for 10 – 100 SLM
  • Single 2.7-5.5V supply
  • RoHS compliant


ACEINNA’s MDP200 series MEMS differential pressure sensors measure ultra-low gas pressures covering the range of up to ±500Pa. ACEINNA’s thermal flow sensing element is monolithically integrated with CMOS signal processing circuitry and embedded software capable of converting gas flow rates to a digital format. The signal is linearized and temperature compensated.

  • ± 500 Pa (Custom Range Available)
  • Digital I2C
  • 16 bit Resolution
  • ±3.0% Accuracy (reading or 1.5% of full scale)
  • > 0.25% Linearity
  • Barb Fittings or Manifold Mount
  • Straight or Right Angle Pins